FALLOUT! Rise of a new generation RP-OOC

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Zenchi Raven

Sly coopers brother vixent cooper....tell no one.
Dec 4, 2013
Hello all and welcome to the nuclear fallout. im taking much of the idea from Fallouts great game series.

TO begin events start after the events in fallout 4! for those of you who dont know a nuclear apocalypse has taken place and many different factions have risen with different ideals to what they beleive is right in the world.

The Brotherhood of Steel-A large military like faction wanting peace throughout the commonwealth and its people, free of robotic tyranny and the rise of synths, a cyborg like creation that man has made to replace humankind!

The Railroad- a underground guerilla faction wanting peace for everyone and see the brotherhood a threat to uniting people and synths!

the institute- a hidden faction known for many nefarious deeds from kidnappings to murder however sometimes its the truth with these robotic creations in human forms. like terminators!

many other factions are still rising and falling but unlike these great factions everyone knows theres also the common enemy that people face from raiders, and supermutants, to the various radiation mutated insects and animals!

the story begins years after a peace between the factions but the institute has decided to make ways against the treaty and end the peace whats the plan? come find out!


character creation-




gear- 2 weapons, 1 melee, 1 uniform(drifter armor, cage armor etc.) or set of armor(combat armor on a flannel or such) and 1 special (can range from fusion core weapons and legendary gear pieces)

do you have a pip boy?

choose one-vault born, world born, or unfroze?


players may find power armor while in RP or can start in power armor if wanted but need clearence to do so and need a specific reason as to how or why player would have power armor.