Fanfic Failure With Pride

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Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville
Apr 2, 2015
United States
I've had this idea for a while now and based off brief prior experience writing things such as these, I understand that my writing style isn't entirely intolerable. I'll preface this by saying that I like the Miles/Rachael ship, but there needs to be some character development on both sides before it happens, in its current state its just kind of flat-and no this is not a shipping fic, not intentionally anyways. But for Miles, character development has always eluded him, which is something I really hope might change with this upcoming arc. Anyways, starring Miles and Rachael:

Chapter 1: Failure With Pride

"We're getting married!"

An uproar of congratulations for Randal and Taffy arose. Mora in particular let out a thunderous cheer for her friends. A congregation began to form around the happy couple, which made it easy for a certain alley cat to slip out unnoticed.

In lieu of champagne, beer was passed around-really it was a testament to Mora's boozer tendencies that at any given time they had enough alcohol for a party-and the celebrations commenced. Excited questioning and joyous approval lit up the farmhouse.

Through it all, only Rachael found Miles' absence conspicuous. Regretting her mised opportunity to escape, she instead endured the raucous festivities as the rabbit and her border-collie fawned over each other in a particularly nausea-inducing manner. As the party died down and people went to bed she felt a faint twinge of disappointment that Miles had abandoned her before replacing it with a more familiar anger. That selfish jerk abandoned her in a mire of overindulgent sentiment.

Rachael rushed upstairs to grab her coat, then gingerly tiptoed back downstairs. If Sarah heard her leaving then the energetic little feline would bound out of her bed, cling to Rachael, and she wouldn't be able to leave. Or maybe she wouldn't, which was infinitely worse. Had they really gotten that far-nope. Not now.

Upon reaching the door she saw a light on in the kitchen. As delicately as possible she peeked in to see Minos chomping down on a slab of peanut brittle. A brief smile escaped her at seeing the gargantuan bull attack his food. She paused for a moment. She had passed Mora's room upstairs and heard snoring. Mora was down, and given the amount of alcohol she drank, she was probably out for the night and a good portion of tomorrow. With a sigh she walked out the front door. "I'll oust turbo-tits another night..."


In the neighboring forest Miles lay still on the wing of his plane, letting the cool night air wash over him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, desperately trying to find some kind of serenity.


His eyes snapped open. So much for that.

A second time, closer now. "Miles!"

As Rachael stomped into the grove his plane was housed at, Miles glanced at her before turning his focus to the sky. "Hey Rach."

"Really? 'Hey Rach'? That's all you got? What the hell are you doing out here?"

"I uh... hm... oh I got one: I just wanted to lure you out here. Romantic, eh?"

"Oh, fuck you."

"Is that a proposition?"

"... You're an asshole."

A moment of quiet preceded his response, "I really am..."

Huh. Okay. That was... unexpected. She waited for him to elaborate but silence prevailed. "Okay, you're freaking me out. What's wrong?"


"Seriously, what's wrong?"

A few more seconds passed as cicadas chirped in the distance. Rachael rolled her eyes and turned back the way she came. "I..." She turned back to see Miles' face contorted in a somber expression, "I used to have so much. Friends, a girlfriend, a... a purpose. And I just threw it away to be 'free'. And now I'm realizing that I'm not free, just stupid and alone."

Rachael felt a pang of sympathy for a moment before she returned to a more comfortable emotion, "Oh what the hell, is this just because you want to get back together with Taffy!?"

Miles shot up and a flash of anger overtook him. "No! No. I want her to be happy. I do." He relaxed and lay back down as a melancholy expression returned to his face. "But now every time I see her I just get a-a reminder. A reminder of how much I've fucked up. I'm not even free. I still have these responsibilities and these-these... it's not important. Everything I had, I got impatient and I got scared and I ruined it. I'm not sure I can stay here. Every day will just be a reminder of how stupid I am. So I've decided to give Mora my two week's notice."

Rachael awkwardly avoided eye contact and stood still. Something comforting. Something nice. "Wow, that sucks."

Okay maybe not. Take two. "You know I-uh, you know. With the stuff. A lot."

Oh for the love of-"Look, you know that I don't do this, but I um..."

Miles scoffed, "Wow. You suck at this."

"Don't hit him, don't hit him, don't hit him."

"It's fine Rach, I don't expect you to do this. It's just not who you are. I'm fine, go to bed."

An indiscernable grunting noise escaped her throat, "You were... mostly helpful when I felt bad about Sarah moving out, and you've tried to be nice-ish. I think. You're... you're my friend. Screw all the other people. You're my friend. And I don't want you to go. You're definitely stupid, but you're not alone."

Once again a painful and awkward lull overtook their conversation. Miles generously broke it, sliding off the wing of his plane and brushing off his coat. Wordlessly he and Rachael began the walk back to the farm.

Rachael swallowed, unwanting to break the tension, "You still gonna quit?"

"No. No, I think that was just me being stupid."


"Hah! Yeah. Just me being stupid again." Miles glanced at Rachael. He was being stupid. Really stupid. But he might have something he might be able to wait for.
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Captain Video

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Sep 4, 2009
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"No man can eat fifty Faberge eggs!"
Huh, interesting. And well-written, too. This is a conversation I think a lot of people would like to have with a lot of other people. The honest moment. But honesty feels weird if it isn't what you've been using from the start.

Still, it's something I've long felt is in character for Miles. If you're willing to upend the status quo just to hear the crash, you shouldn't be afraid of giving up a comfortable lie for a difficult truth.


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Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Well done! I really enjoyed the fan-fiction as the interactions with these two characters is so par on with their personalities.
Likes: Slappybag


Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville
Apr 2, 2015
United States
Alright so I decided not to continue this. I had something here but to be honest it was poorly written and a bad cliffhanger that I wouldn't have been able to adequately follow up on. I've deleted it due to the fact that, badly written as it was, I feel it actually significantly detracts from the first--and now sole--chapter. I doubt anyone was awaiting this with bated breath, but if they were, my apologies. Thanks for reading!
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Likes: Ironfoot
Sep 21, 2015
Finally someone else who has paired Miles and Rachael together, this is an awesome story and would actually love to see them get together, keep up the good work.