E3 2017

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Apr 26, 2007
It's that wonderful, magical time of year, again, folks. No, the Steam summer sales aren't here, yet.

E3's finally here and, as always that means the industry bigwigs are going to be parading themselves on stages and announcing new titles. Let's start things off with something from BioWare and EA.

Apr 26, 2007
Microsoft was up to bat, today, and they finally unveiled the mysteriously-named Project Scorpio.

They're calling it the Xbox One X, and it's supposed to be capable of 'true' 4k gaming, backwards compatibility with Xbox One games, and the leanest/smallest physical build of any Microsoft console to date.
[doublepost=1497223368,1497216970][/doublepost]In addition to this new announcement from Microsoft, here's a brief list of other trailers that got released. I'll link them instead of embedding them, to spare the page loading time.

Metro: Exodus

Assassin's Creed: Origins

Kingdom Hearts 3

Ori and the Will of the Wisps


Apr 17, 2007
Of the Bethesda showings, I was mostly positive. That said, nothing was really earthshattering or huge (though my money is on a new Elder Scrolls announcement in 2018), but there's some nice things to look forward to.

Sanctioned mods for all platforms is nice, hopefully this will improve the variety of mods on ps4, which I desperately want.

New Wolfenstien looks fun, looks like they are taking a page from the over the top and not quite as serious Doom 2016, which is a smart move.

Only thing that I'm really negative on is Evil Within 2. The trailer provided really showed a game without much of an identity. It went from tense and creepy horror to run and gun action. I have a fear that it is going to show up like that at launch, and fail to be a good horror game or a good action game.
Apr 26, 2007
I thought the Bethesda showcase was a mixed bag. I agree with Curran in that it had some good stuff to it, but nothing ground-breaking.

I'll try to trim and summarize my points, to avoid being wordy:

  • Wolfenstein was the winner of the showcase, I think. It looks like they're taking what they did well, with the New Order, and mixing in some elements of Doom -- just as Curran said.
  • I think they're somewhat overplaying their hand, with the Elder Scrolls franchise. The MMO is just starting to come off the ground, and the card game spin-off seems second-rate.
  • I am happy that they're continuing the Dishonored franchise, and bringing back Daud and Billie Lurk. That said, I'm skeptical of them going after a character like the Outsider, and making that the main story.
  • The Evil Within 2 looks iffy to me, and I'm not sure how it'll fare with fans of the horror (sub-)genre, but it might just not be my cup of tea.
  • I am very skeptical about Quake. Yes, it was the OG of e-sport titles and still has a healthy following. However, Bethesda seems to be trying to hype it up, and I think it'll hit a wall if it tries to compete with e-sport titles like DotA, League of Legends, CS:GO, and Overwatch.
Instead of summarizing it as a point, I wanted to (try to) briefly discuss the introduction of Creation Club.

I agree with Curran that sanctioned mods could be a big help for (a) increasing the number of mods on the console versions and (b) making more stable, polished mods. I also think that offering a way for dedicated mod developers to make a bit of money out of it could encourage many to jump in, thanks to Bethesda funding them via the program.

The biggest point of skepticism, from me, remains in how things will be categorized and priced. I am aware that Bethesda will only slap a pricetag on wholly new mods, but I am curious how much it'll cost -- after the dollar-to-credit rate is shown to us -- and which mods will be free and which will cost money.

Lastly, I am curious -- if not concerned -- as to how this will affect mod communities like NexusMod and Steam Workshop. I think its awesome that some mod devs may want to consider Creation Club since, hey, these big, detailed mods can turn into part or full-time programming jobs, for their creators. However, I worry if sanctioned mods are Bethesda's attempt to 'tame' and limit a very creative, diverse, but admittedly sprawling community. After all, they're not fond of certain types of mods, and this could be their way to curb that.

EDIT: Went back and redid my post to be a little less wordy and/or more organized.

[doublepost=1497302111,1497301824][/doublepost]Holy. Shit. They actually confirmed it.

Dat female lead doe.
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Katbox Forum Member
Sep 14, 2007
New Jersey
Damn Nintendo is killing it. I gotta get a switch.

Xenoblade 2 looks amazing, Mario Odyssey looks amazing, the new Kirby and Yoshi games look great, really looking forward to Metroid prime 4 and Shin Megami Tensei HD project. I'm gonna have to look into getting a Switch soon.


Gallery Volunteer
Jun 5, 2013
beyond the dream
Nintendo had a very good E3 this year. I'm looking forward to pretty much all of their stuff. No news on Fire Emblem Switch, so I assume that that will get an E3 announcement next year.