Dogs Bullets and Carnage (Non Canon) RP OOC/Intrest check

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The Dapper Gent
Apr 28, 2014
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Welcome to DBC In a post apocalyptic world devoid of seasons, where man's "golden age of technology" ruined earth and caused science to run amok,violence genetic engineering and other mad sciences are the norm. You are Sometime in the future, somewhere in Europe in a city that has many levels of underground, even secret dangerous levels that have answers to the past.

But lately things have been going on that are making the violence and crime worse and the cause is a mystery but someone is making waves in the underground and it is rippling throughout the city

Character creation.

In this world genetic engineering has become possible with many people being spliced with animals or made stronger faster more resilient. you can pick one or the other or you can be an extremely skilled human

People spliced with animals can have traits such as enhanced senses strength and agility as well as physical features that range from somthing as simple as ears like a cat to wings to looking like an athropomorphic animal.

Character sheet










Other facts:

My Character

Name: Jack Messer

Age: 19

Appearance: 5,11 with brown hair the tends to hang past his eyes when not held up or slicked back. Usually wears cargo pants and a tshirt with a jacket zipped up in a way that covers his mouth also wears steel toed boots. has red eyes and filed canine teeth to give himself fangs has a large ring in neck. has a fairly muscled build.

Personality: Eccentric with an obsession with knives. he is normally a pretty happy guy but sometimes he turns darn near psychotic.

Bio: He has no memory of his life before he turned twelve but since then he was kidnapped at least he thinks he was and forcibly genetically modified to increase his strength agility and regeneration to inhuman levels. He eventually escaped them but they still know where he is and he is constantly bothered by others like him who work for them. He was one of two that survived his generation and is considered to be one of the most successful ones created.

Abilities:Far stronger than any normal human his agility is heightened to superhuman levels as well as his regenerative ability thus making him extremely hard to kill

Weapons: A combat knife as well as boot knife and one on a chain around his neck as well as several smaller knives he has for throwing. Small baseball bat he uses to subdue people. Bare hands. Each of his boots has a blade hidden in the toe which he can make shoot out by stomping his heels on the ground. has chain around neck that leads to his pocket and attached to it is a metal ball.

Strengths: Healing makes him extremely hard to kill able to parry bullets with knives can dodge bullets expert knife thrower. inhuman strength and agility

Weaknesses: Paralyzing fear of getting a shot (but strangely not giving blood). Horribly shot. Can get lost in thought not realizing what is going on around him. Will actually pass out if he loses enough blood. Is terrible at stealth.

Other facts: He occasionally smokes cigars. has a habit of cracking his neck and fingers. Occasionally is seen working in a books store where he normally is seen reading and ignoring the costumers.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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Diety who likes frogs
Aug 24, 2009
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Not a frog.
Documented name: Anan Haus
Other Identification: P- 04

Age: ( On document ) 18

Appearance: 5'2'' A sleek but toned body beneath an outfit consisting out of a short jacked with lot's of pockets around her waist she additionally wears a utility belt for even more storage space. Beneath her jacked she wears a somewhat T-shirt over a seemingly modest chest. Her hair would reach to her lower back if un-kept, it is brown loosely kept in a ponytail secured by pieces of iron. Her eyes possessing a rainbow of colours over star shaped pupils. She has a canines in front of her ordinary teeth. She wears cloves over her discoloured leather like hands while wearing knee high sturdy thick soled boots which make her stand almost 5'4''. She appeared unkempt and boyish. On her left shoulder a #04 is tattoo'd. Sge wears a white scarf covering her neck. She her a square piercing on the back of her neck that seems to be a connector for something.

Personality: Teenage boy-like with moments of surprising mental clarity. Suspicious of anything but tries to act oblivious. Pessimistic streak. Very sexually disinterested.

BIO: P-04 Rejected prototype from a cancelled project by an undisclosed group, details of the project were never disclosed outside the group and most documentation within the group surrounding the project seems to have been destroyed. What happened to the material used within the project is unknown but it is likely materials were dumped somewhere and left to expire. P-04 is a disposed clone which failed evaluation as unwanted weaknesses were exposed it was deemed allowable to simply dispose on the streets as it was deemed a dead end in development. P-05 and later projects were isolated from P-4 and prior projects. P-04 requires additional ''Vitamin K supplements'' to survive estimated expiration without supplements is estimated at 1 week. Anan herself was disposed on on the streets, she managed to replicate supplements and acquire nourishment it took her 4 year to acquire a paying job as a waitress which gave her a roof above her head since then she has been working there for 2 years. She possesses no memories of her development she had never been concious till disposed of.

Abilities: Enhanced distance sight with ultraviolet overlay she can even see through her own eyelids, Very steady musculature that allows her to stand perfectly still like a statue, Extremely enhanced bone structure, Short term enhanced healing when taking damage, Agile like a cat when needed, Burst of strength when cornered. Seemingly bulletproof skull/head.

Weapons: High power staple gun, A bunch of screws and nails, Very heavy hard nosed boots, Ridiculous amount of snap off utility knives

Strengths: Quick and Agile, Inexhaustible energy supply, Disproportionate strength, Supernatural jumping ability, Expert marksman, Artisan (utility)knive wielder, Supernatural Master wall climber, Very low food intake.

Weaknesses: ''Supplement dependency'' : when; taking significant damage triggering her healing (bleeding), Using her cat like agility or getting a burst of strength she instantly needs her supplements and is therefore temporarily somewhat defenceless and incapable of attacking. -Most of her superhuman strength is in burst with a cooling down period and immediate self-medication. Staple gun can't kill anyone.

Other facts: Owner of the bar/restaurant that she is in considers her pseudo-family. Anan hates green food, her supplement pills taste like them, When not taking her pills on time she starts sweating and crying blood as well as bleeding from her mouth and ears. Anan is practically a carnivore in terms of food preference her digestive system seems to agree. She drinks far more alcohol than most costumers and does so every evening, she makes costumers pay for her drinks the owner is conflicted about this habit. Despite her high consumption she never acts particularly drunk she seems more jolly at most.

Personal quote: "One drink for you one drink for me."