Art DIRT (AKA Hedgehodge Monster makes a video game)

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Katbox Forum Member
May 24, 2012
Personal Text
Based on feedback I've gotten in my drawings/art thread I decided to make a separate thread for my game development efforts here.

DIRT is a project I've been working on for quite some time.

It's a 2D Metroid-inspired platformer dealie made in Game Maker: Studio and, to avoid giving too much away, it's about venturing underground to locate your best friend. It's presently free and noncommercial (because various permissions/copyright issues MIGHT just prevent me from actually trying to make money from it, more on that later)

You can follow my game development blog at

To download the most recent version of DIRT (as of this post), click here:

To see other versions of DIRT (all downloads right now are Windows only due to technical difficulties) click here:

Oh and here are some screenshots

Graphics were made using MS-PAINT and Game Maker's built-in image editing tools and occasionally Photoshop.

Sounds and Audio are also mostly custom. The title music is currently a placeholder and will probably go at some point. Everything else was made in Bosca Ceoil and Audacity (and thanks to the magic of databending, sometimes Photoshop and Notepad++ get in on the action HERE too)

The font being used is the PCPaint Font Collection which you can find at the link.