Devs of Friday the 13th game bans player and lies as to why.

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Well, going away from the whole Star Mazer DSP controversy, we have a new controversy.

One of the players of the Friday the 13th: the Game was playing the game, and a few players were team killing to help the Jason player. The player in question called the others out on this, using some colorful language. The team killers claimed they knew the developers, and they'll ban him for calling them out. Sure enough, the next day, the player found himself banned from the game, saying that he was engaging in the sexual harassment of several players, including a 12 year old.

Here's the problem. On the Steam forums, the developers claimed they had audio and video of the incident, and said they can confirm the incident. BUT, on the developers' Redit page said that the two who reported the player were professional colleagues that he never met, and is taking their word on it.

So, yeah. The developer straight up LIED about the incident, and has no evidence to prove any of the charges against the player. And this isn't an isolated incident, as there has been also been bans for people saying negative things about the developers or the game.

Here's two videos about the incident.

Despite the glowing praise this game has gotten, avoid this game at all costs.


Katbox Forum Member
Sep 1, 2016
Quite glad we have a very professional game review site that gave it a 2/5 making me stay the heck away from it already.
My first thought on the ban was AVGN going "What were they thinking!?". Don't freaking punish people for bad reviews, its like using gasoline to put out a match. Sure it /might/ work but you are more likely to cause a shitstorm... You would think this knowledge was painfully obvious by now.