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Katbox Forum Member
Mar 5, 2008
Los Angeles, California
All right, I have worked with this a bit, and I have noticed a pattern.

Not all comics are affected, just some, such as this one.

However, if I do something like full-screen, the issue becomes resolved.

If I exit full-screen, the comic is still normal.


There are two things I'm curious about:

1. What is your desktop resolution?

2. Do you have Javascript turned on or off in your browser? If you flip it, does the issue still happen?


I can't reproduce this issue at all. So you guys are going to have to do some digging around for me. Here's what I need you to do:

1. Find a page that is breaking.

2. Right-click on the comic image and choose Properties. Copy the URL for image and paste it into a text editor.

3. Copy and paste this Javascript into your browser's address bar and press Enter:
javascript: void(document.getElementById("comic_image").firstChild.src = "");

4. Take a screenshot of the result.

5. Now take this Javascript snippet and copy and paste it into your browser's address bar.
javascript: void(document.getElementById("comic_image").firstChild.src = "<image URL here>");

Before running it, copy the image's original URL that you saved in your text editor, and paste it in place of <image URL here> so the end of the Javascript snippet should look like src = "");

Now hit Enter to run the Javascript.

6. Take a screenshot of the result.

Why is IE so bad... :(
Web developers ask themselves this question every day. :cryAmbar:


Hmmm, well that didn't work. Get a fresh page loaded that's still breaking and try running this Javascript instead:

javascript: void(document.getElementById("comic_image") = "inline-block");


Alright, tell me what this prints out:

javascript: alert("comic image height: " + document.getElementById("comic_image").firstChild.offsetHeight + " px\nimage container height: " + document.getElementById("comic_image").offsetHeight + " px");


Hmmm, looks like this is going to require rewriting some of the HTML. On my development site I have a modified version of the theme. Visit some pages that cause problems in the real LL site and tell me if you can get the problems to show up on my development site too.


Okay, more Javascript. On the page on my site showing this issue, tell me what this outputs:

javascript: alert("main content section height: " + document.getElementById("mainContent").offsetHeight + " px\nmain content div container height: " + document.getElementById("mainContent").firstChild.offsetHeight + " px\nsidebar height: " + document.getElementById("sidebar").offsetHeight + " px\nfull comic panel height: " + document.getElementById("comic").offsetHeight + " px\nimage container height: " + document.getElementById("comic_image").offsetHeight + " px\ncomic image height: " + document.getElementById("comic_image").firstChild.offsetHeight + " px");