Comic Posting Instruction

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Chaos Sepher

Gallery Volunteer
Mar 2, 2008
New Jersey
Okay here are the steps to easily properly post the comic with the link attached.

1. Right click the comic/image and select Copy image URL
2. Press the Insert/edit image button on the post menu (looks like a picture of a tree) and paste the copied image URL there.
3. Copy the URL for the actual comic page on the navigation bar on the top
4. Highlight posted image and press the Insert/edit link button (looks like a chain link) and paste the copied URL here.[DOUBLEPOST=1378480638,1378086819][/DOUBLEPOST]Another note I wish to add:

For the page link URL it may help if it is the address for the specific comic instead of the general page URL.

Example: Instead of use

You can check by hitting BACK to the previous comic then FORWARD or LAST(or LATEST) to see the full URL for the most recent page.
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