Comic Comic 1309

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Zoie Falcona

Wild Kingdoms Dungeon Mistress
May 29, 2008
Personal Text
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Such a bad villian, didn't even let him have a chance to answer if he wanted work. He needs proper training!

*mumbles about having to do everything herself in evilness lately...*

Urien Lævateinn

Knight- Errant
Feb 29, 2012
I don't understand the escape chute. Unless it twists and turns your a sitting duck if someone decides to drop something in there as your falling.


Katbox Forum Member
Feb 29, 2012
...why do I read this and think of Dr.Wily? Well, at least the evil hideout hasn't started to self-destruct, at least.


Katbox Forum Member
Dec 8, 2010
Trap doors are cool. :-)

But death traps are better. Obviously this guy is no Ernst Stavro Blofeld.


Gallery Volunteer
Feb 29, 2012
Why are trap door escapes cool?
Suffice to say that it just adds to the atmosphere and makes you wonder what other nonstandard additions the place might have...and as far as escape routes go, any hidden exit tends to afford the user a certain amount of dignity not available to them by slinking out a more normal one.


The Katbox
Jan 14, 2008
Personal Text
Please, I go through everyones trash. - The Question
So instead of installing the trap door in front of his desk he installs it right under him?
It depends on the kind of person you are, are you the kind that prefers to risk them catching the edge or that they might not be standing right on your trap door? Or do you want to be able to escape near 100% of the time so long as you are in your chair - at your desk?

I don't understand the escape chute. Unless it twists and turns your a sitting duck if someone decides to drop something in there as your falling.
Remember it's probably a rolling chair, and probably built for it. He would drop a short distance onto a board to slow his decent and then take off on a track to the outside or to a secret exit, leaving the chair at the end blocking the path and closing it up behind him. Obviously if you are going to take the time to build it- you are gonna make it work and be effective! You'll think about the problems and correct for them.