Chirroian Soul Adventures X Neo Earth: the Queen of Demons (OOC thread)

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He who loves Succubi and Anthros.
In the 23 Century, Neo Earth comes into contact with the Chirroian Republic. After several years of trade and negotiations between them, the Republic and Neo Earth have agreed to have diplomats meet to discuss terms of membership into the Republic.

The Neo Earth Ambassador is none other than the High Prime herself. However, the Republic Ambassador turns out to be the matriarchal monarch of the planet Nethiriza, Queen Lilithsune Nightwalker ...a Lussitori. The Shock that the Republic has sent a daemon as their Ambassador has some of the primes worried. And there have been rumors that some may attack the meeting.

As part of the security arrangements, a handful of Republic Star Navy Personnel and a squad of knights are hired to protect the diplomats. Whether it is enough to hold off the evil that threatens everything is yet to be seen.

In this RP, you play as members of the security detail. Your job is to protect the diplomats from harm. How you do it is up to you.

Available races are as follows:
Solians (Neo Earth Humans & Primes)
Mortalis (Chirroian basic Mortals)
Quadrass (Taurs)
Vinorissi (Mobile Alraunes)
Fal'dev (Oni [Humans Only])
Hemovori (Vampires)
Techaniss (Technorganics)
Lussitori (Succubi & Incubi)
Spidreni (Arachne)

Character sheet:

Hair style:
Hair color:
Fur/skin color/pattern:
eye color:

Hope to play with you guys soon.
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Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
Name: Vladimir Peter Petrenkov
Race: Solian
Species: human (suposed)
Gender: male
Height: 1.97m
Class: heavy armor?
Hair style: unknown
Hair color: brown
Skin: white,Narakhan markings
Eye color: light blue
Despite Vladimirs name he was raised as an orphan in America. Due to his adoptive parrents being Primes he attended a Prime school in which he was mocked due to his species,name and any other things the kids saw fit to ridicuel him with. During this time he was full of hate and often fought the other kids. He would often times win even againts others older or bigger than him. Vladimir saught to find his real family. And he did. Hus father was a criminal in a Russian jail and his mother a backstreet whore. This had a tremendous impact on Vladimirs mental state. He decided to go through the Prime Knighthood trials in which he passed. He incased himself in a heavy armored suit. Nothing of his body is visible. Years of wearing the armor have made it light for Vladimir. But the armor comes with weakneses as well as strenghts. Inside the armor heats up easily and Vladimir is often cooked alive inside his own suit so he often uses intimidation to scare away the opponent. Vlad has grown a massive disstrust towards most people and often sticks to himself silent and patient. He now joins a security unit to protect the High Prime. He took his role seriously and has a early morning scheduel to keep the High Prime safe.

Likes: Honor,Friends,Fun,Intimidation,Loyalty

Dislikes: dishonor,enemies,selfishnes

Note: because Vladimir never had a true friend he himself is a true loyal and honest companion and would rather die to protect his true friends then let them suffer the same fate.


Galactic Traveller
May 16, 2016
Personal Text
Heh. I'm in, I guess. Let me write up a character.
[doublepost=1467838882,1467833809][/doublepost]Name: Kalin Davis
Race: Solian
Species: Raccoon
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 1”
Class: Tech-mage
Hair style: Thick, tush-length braid
Hair color: White
Fur/skin color/pattern: Grey w/ Black Stripes, fur-tattoo of a circle surrounded by four triangles on his lower back
Eye color: Green
Background/description: Twenty-three years of age and an athlete, Kalin became a tech-mage during college after studying the applications of nano-zell technology. Tall, slim, and a bit introverted, he’s generally friendly and easygoing, and geeks out easily over advanced technologies that he hasn’t encountered before. His abilities include creating nano-zell blades, shields, and grasping tendrils, as well as carrying an energy pistol that he rarely uses. Is occasionally surprised by people’s fascination with his absurdly plush tail.
Likes: Close friends, technology, exploration, good food, hot chocolate
Dislikes: Foul-tasting food, close-mindedness, coffee

Finished, I guess. Is this good?