Charity Stream Event

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Hi, I'm pretty quiet here, but that's due to a recent surgery I had. A Gastric Bypass due to being diabetic. I'm still recovering, but ...

The bills are pouring, total is 1126,25EUR of the surgical bill and my card is blocked due to being in the red -1021EUR - I have Health Care but no Insurance. So I was thinking of doing a charity stream, sketches and people can pay whatever they want even if it's just 1$ - I have 17 more days to pay the bills. So I was wondering if anyone was interested to multi-stream with me?

I'll be doing it tomorrow about 6-7PM my time, I'm in 'Brussels Time' (+1GMT) - is anyone interested to stream with me? Please let me know. I'm slow at drawing due that I'm still recovering... (and should be resting still) But I can't ignore these bills...

Thank you for reading, I'm a bit shy to ask this all though hugs - They will be simple sketches, because full images like my recent artworks takes me up to 10-12 hours and I'm not going to do that for 1$ - lol ... hehehe

My friend made a GoFundMe - which if you want, you can share - - if you want. I also have a Ko-Fi account that goes straight to my paypal, while the GoFundMe goes to my friends bankaccount, for some reason, they no longer accept Paypal (?).

If anyone's interested, please let me know? Okay, ...

Thank you so much for reading, that already means a lot to me

- Kay aka Sahtori
[doublepost=1502503031,1501976388][/doublepost]Charity Stream tomorrow the 12th and 13th of August - Starts 6-7 PM - +1GMT (Brussels/Amsterdam time)

Thank you for reading, if anyone is interested to join, it's a PWYW stream.

- Kay
Likes: MrAMP