Art Character Bios

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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
I don’t know if you all know this, but @Avencri is doing some nifty Character Bios of all his characters, currently from The Eye of Ramalach of course. You should totally check it out on Patreon, but if you’re here, I’ll go ahead and leave these.

Ronald Rudentof
Species: Urban Raccoon
Age: 30
Height: 1.73 mts / 5.65 ft
Weight: 65 kgs / 143.2 lbs
Profession: Historian
Affiliation: Hamilton Escarot Museum of History and Art
Location: Neon City, Fanfolia

The illegitimate son of a famous adventurer, Ron was raised by his aunt and with little involvement from his father. Smart but really insecure about his own abilities, he is a hard worker that values knowledge and the preservation of history and facts. This caused him to be quite the introverted person and he has some difficulty creating new friendships, but the ones he does manage to make grow to be really strong bonds.

Not physically impressive or strong, he was a frequent target of bullies, but he made a deal with Ben to deal with that. Ben acted as Ron’s bodyguard, in exchange for Ron’s help with his studies. Ron’s intelligence makes him an excellent tutor, and he’s also acted as tutor for Ben’s sister Miranda, and is trying to help Marianne presently.

Ron feels like he has something to prove to the world, but unlike his father he is not comfortable being in the spotlight.

Benjamin Johnson
Species: Magpie
Age: 30
Height: 1.84 mts / 6.00 ft
Weight: 85 kgs / 187.4 lbs
Profession: Real State Agent
Affiliation: None
Location: Neon City, Fanfolia

Being raised in poverty, Ben grew up having to learn to live on his own merits with wit and cunning. While he has street smarts and charm, he was never a brilliant student, and was in danger of repeating fourth grade if it wasn’t for his chance meeting with Ron (while swiping his homework and changing the name) and an agreement to defend him from bullies in exchange for tutoring. While begrudgingly accepting at first, Ben and Ron grew to be best friends.

The first born of a single mother, Ben has two younger slacker brothers and a youngest little sister that he spoils. As the oldest man in his family, he had to work hard to help his mother support the rest of his siblings and even managed to put his little sister Miranda through college, while he didn’t go past high school level education. Ben is proud of his sacrifice.

Even if he didn’t get professional education, Ben has a silver tongue and keeps in optimal physical condition. This allows him to parlay his charms into a real estate career, plus plenty of womanizing. He is also very well connected in less savoury parts of town, allowing him some some easy access to “services” he may need in the future.

Alexandria Fahr
Species: Ferret
Age: 30
Height: 1.70 mts / 5.57 ft
Weight: 53 kgs / 116.84 lbs
Profession: Artist Agent and Gallery Owner
Affiliation: None
Location: Neon City, Fanfolia

The only child and heir to her family’s business. Alex grew up with all the luxuries she would ever need or want in her life, but with little to no affection from her parents. She always had a taste for the dark and weird, which caused her to be a bit of a pariah in her private school, which resulted in rumors and nicknames like “witch girl” and “weird Alex”.

After becoming of age, she realized that the sole expectation of her in life was to get married and have a kid to pass on the family name and business. Suddenly the cold reality of the arranged marriage between her parents dawned on her and was made worse upon the realization that her future would be the same. This caused Alex to become bitter and sarcastic in a rebellious way.

By the time she reached college, Alex’s personality kept people away from her and caused even more unsavory rumors to be spread. Then she met Ron, who also had issues with his family, and the two started a very strong friendship. Alex’s view of the world changed upon the realization that she could still be rebellious towards her family but not be a douche to others at the same time. Alex used her fund trust to start her own art gallery, and uses a more amicable persona to make contacts and friends in the art world. She still doesn’t care what others think of her and is very happy about living life in her own terms.


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
And now for some more bios! Because…REASONS!

Mayte of the Mah Tribe (Mah-Ee-Teh)
Species: Lake Serpent
Age: 223
Height: 1.80 mts / 6.00 ft
Weight: 135 kgs / 297.62 lbs
Profession: Water Mage with a specialization in Morph magic
Affiliation: The Wardens of Segen
Location: Segen, Firesands

Mayte was born and lived all of her life inside the ruins of Segen. Ages ago, her ancestors allied with the Deivon Lord Ramalach and received extensive knowledge in the magic arts in return. But the reality of Ramalach’s conquest of Firesands caused discord between his followers. Akbar, the highest ranked priest, convinced the others to seal Ramalach and save Firesands. While Akbar’s deed saved his people, his family line was considered tainted, and they served as the wardens of Ramalach’s seal in a secret location in the middle of the vast desert. Mayte, as a member of Akbar’s bloodline, was raised with her ancestors knowledge of Morph magic to prevent the Deivon from ever being released.

Mayte lived a happy life with her family and quickly showed a mastery in the art of magic from a young age, showing great promise as a mage in the future. The secrecy and isolation was not a problem for her, until the outside world destroyed her home and her family. During a war between the country of Contamanea and Firesands, a chemical weapon attack was used on the water supplies of her land. Due to her kind being aquatic dragons, the damage was immediate and devastating, killing most of the wardens. Only Mayte and her grandmother survived by chance.

Mayte spent the following years learning from her grandmother until her passing. Now she is alone and is the only living warden. When fate brought Ron to Segen, she tried to act upon her duty, but ultimately failed. Now, she has no goal in life and struggles to learn to adapt to a world completely alien to her.

Marianne Duval
Species: Forest Raccoon
Age: 21
Height: 1.87 mts / 6.13 ft
Weight: 80 kgs / 176.13 lbs
Profession: Modern Art Major / Tour Guide
Affiliation: Hamilton Escarot Museum of History and Art
Location: Oakenfield, Fanfolia

Marianne is the product of an accidental pregnancy of her teenage mother, Minerva, whose fickle lifestyle created a parade of stepfathers for her daughter. Marianne grew up an only child and over time she picked up skills from both her mother and many stepfathers, giving Marianne a very diverse set of skills and hobbies from many walks of life. Marianne truly shines with her physical strength and excels at sports.

Being raised in such a troubled home, Marianne grew up bitter and resorted to abusing her strength and bullied Fiona, who ultimately ended up becoming her best friend after both of them ended up playing on the same little league hockey team. Marianne grew to become a regional star goalie in the league.

Marianne’s fiery personality drives her to give little thought to long-term plans, which caused her to impulsively chase easy money from a photo shoot for an explicit calendar. The following scandal cost Marianne her position on the hockey team, her sports scholarship and the brand of pariah in her town.

Marianne decided to move to Neon City, become financially independent and start clean. A small town girl in the big city, she now takes all the jobs she can to pay for her professional studies and get the rent money. She now shares an apartment with Fio and works a very busy schedule trying to make ends meet.

Ramalach “The Dealmaker” or/and “The Deciever”
Species: Deivon
Age: N/A
Height: 1.20 mts / 3.93 ft
Weight: 15 kgs / 33.03 lbs
Profession: Deivon Lord and figure head for the “Doomsayers” cult
Affiliation: The Doomsayers
Location: The Sacred City, Firesands

Little is known about Ramalach’s origin and history. Like all Deivons, he first gained sentience in a different plane of existence, and discovered his control over chaos magic. As a Deivon, he feeds on the souls of other beings and is a follower of a cosmic entity known as The Son of the Void. This creature is worshiped by the Deivons as it travels from world to world consuming everything in it’s path while the souls are released for the Deivons to claim. Many became ambassadors for their god, traveling to other worlds in advance to prepare them for the arrival of their god.

Ramalach was one of four Deivon lords to arrive on Crisald for conquest in preparation for the future arrival of The Son. Unlike the aggressive methods of the other 3 Deivon lords, Ramalach believes in fair trade and mutual benefit. He grew in power by offering his would-be servants what they wanted the most, in exchange of their service, and in a short time he managed to grow a gigantic army of followers that took over most of Firesands. But Ramalach’s complete trust in his followers and his deals was his undoing, as he was unable to grasp the possibility of betrayal from within his trusted inner circle.

He was stabbed with an enchanted dagger that is constantly draining him from his power and is now fused to his body, weakening him permanently. He was also sealed in a pocket dimension inside a stone statue, but a crack on his prison caused the gateway to be transferred to Ronald’s forehead. But Ramalach has awakened to learn that he is de-powered, and that the Son of the Void and the whole Deivon race are no more. Ramalach has no goal in life at the moment and is just trying to cope with his new reality.