Fanfic Catching the Perfect Curve Fan Fiction

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No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Hey there folks!

While I was trying to relax this last week due to tax season winding down in combination with the random string of Avencri’s women in swimsuits and chats about BAtB, I got my writing bug back on and randomly created a new fan fiction. I’ve attached the first three pages that I wrote up here just for fun. Feel free to leave any and all feedback on this one. In fact, the more feedback I get, the more I’ll update. I’ll start with at least two pages each Saturday and keep going until I run out of ideas. I hope you enjoy reading Catching the Perfect Curve.

Catching the Perfect Curve > Introduction > Green with Envy

The Neon Emerald Cove…if you’re lucky enough to see it, you would be in absolute awe of the giant rock-like crater surrounding in luscious tropical trees. That’s nothing in comparison to the never ending, beautiful blue oceans.. I highly doubt that anyone would use actual emeralds for a building structure. If I were a betting man, I would have to wager it’s some sort of generic green stone. For that matter, I never could understand why Queen Jane called it a cove considering it’s a five-star resort that caters exclusively to women. Again, if I were a betting man, I would have to wager that Queen Jane did that to cater to the younger generation. And OH BOY did she ever! Seriously, I’ve seen several hot babes enter the resort. I can only imagine the bouncing balls of joy as they gleefully juggle in those tight bikinis while playing some volleyball and those firm buns toasting on those sandy beaches. I sadly say imagine since I can’t actually get into the cove. Remember folks that Neon Emerald Cove is a women only resort. Men are forbidden to step one foot onto its burning sand. If they try, then the Silent Women will kill them. I don’t know this for a fact as I totally didn’t hire a couple of men to live feed their efforts to capture some sweet babes nude sunbathing on the shores and totally didn’t watch the Silent Women tear them in half before destroying the camera with those green tentacles. Totally didn’t. *Whisper* I totally did. *Whisper*

But sadly, this is not a presentation on random facts on Neon Emerald Cove. Rather, this is a five hour presentation on the financial and sociological aspect that Neon Emerald Cove has…

The focus shifts from a boring college classroom to three women walking along a stone path with sand and tropical trees on each side. One of these three were clearly not from around Neon City. She’s probably some sort of foreigner from way over the ocean. The other one towered the other two women in muscle and size like some sort of barbarian warrior. The last one is wearing some sort of skull sun hat.

WAIT!!! Don’t you dare shift direction on my report!!! This is my only cameoooooooooooo...

Catching the Perfect Curve > Page One > Too Close for Comfort

“Thanks again for the invite Alex,” Marianne exploded with joyful excitement as she walked alongside Alex and Mayte. Arms up in awe of the Neon Emerald Cove, she couldn’t contain the wonderment in her eyes. Due to her rather robust beauties and massive thighs, she clearly towered over Mayte and Alex. Her red and white striped bikini and short shorts could barely contain her figure.

This is contrary to Mayte, who appears to be eating some sort of fish taco. Confused with its construction, Mayte starts to unravel the fish taco, picking through the lettuce and mayo. Sadly, some of the contents spilled onto her purplish tank top.

“Where is the fish?” questioned Mayte.

Sadly, Alex was too busy turning her attention to Marianne. Most would be too distracted with her skull printed sun hat to notice the rather revealing black and purple bikini showcasing her dominating fur pattern. Alex is rather intrigued with Marianne’s expression, almost plotting something as evidenced in those dark eyes.

“No problem Marianne,” started Alex. “I’m more than happy to share my connections with others.”

Alex moved in rather closer to Marianne, grabbing ahold of her tail and wrapping it around herself. Alex started to rub her tail across her face and almost appear to bite it.

“After all, I’m dying to see more of your fur before Ron does,” teased Alex.

“Uh…ha…What now,” Marianne nervously spoke. Unsure what to do or how to take that, she became rather uneasy, trying to back away from Alex but unable to do so due to her grabbing her tail and wrapping around her body. She could do nothing but stare into those wicked eyes.

Sadly, neither Alex nor Marianne were too busy with the other to notice Mayte squishing her fish taco in a jealous rage. The two were simply ignoring her like that of the youngest sister or that of the third wheel on a group date.

With all the commotion, none could see Fio fast approaching the group.

“Time to build some dams,” exclaimed Fio. With such speed and velocity, none were safe from her brute strength and large piles of wood she was carrying. Fio catapulted the three into the sky.

Catching the Perfect Curve > Page Two > Just Leave It to Beaver

Okay, back again. Now, you might be wondering why Fio was holding such a huge piece of wood. For that matter, you’re probably wondering how such a small woman could even carry a freaking palm tree. And I do mean carrying a palm tree. Well, I’m not sure myself. Perhaps she is some kind of body builder. But I can tell you how she got the wood. For that though, we’ll have to go back like 15 minutes ago.

As I probably failed to mention before, a huge forest of lusciously green palm trees surround the Neon Emerald Cove. As part of the Queen’s Environmental Protection Act, the palm trees are preserved to protect this site’s beauty for generations to come. As such, you have to park and transverse the landscape on foot. Most women tend to whine about it but do get over it once they arrive and are greeted with a full body massage. To ensure that there is no illegal cutting and to protect the women from any male intruders, Silent Women patrol the forest at all times.

And this is the point of the story were we turn our attentions back on Fio driving Alex, Marianne, and Mayte to the steps leading down to the Neon Emerald Cove. The latter three open their doors and step out. Alex comes around to the other side and walks with Mayte while Marianne walks up to the driver’s side door.

“Are you sure you’re okay doing this?” Marianne says to Fio. “I can stay and help you out.”

“PFFF,” started Fio. “Please. There’s no reason for you to stay Marianne. All I have to do is park. I’ll catch up with you three in no time.”

“Okay.” Marianne tries her best to hide her concern and worry with a cheerful smile. She turns around and runs towards Alex and Mayte with a wave back to Fio. “You better hurry up.”

Fio turns her attention to the three with their back turns and yells. “I will…”


Fio hears a slight, knocking crash coming from the vehicle’s hood. Turning her attention to that direction, Fio’s calm joy suddenly transforms to horror upon seeing one of these Silent Women and their massive melons. I don’t mean melons as a derogatory term for a woman’s chest. I mean actual melons…as in melons. The Silent Woman points to an open spot.

“Park,” orders the Silent Woman.

Fio silently complies and quickly drives into the spot. Afterwards, Fio gets out of the car, opens the trunk, and starts to grab the cooler that they all brought along. Fio is wearing a purple bikini with a green jacket with the yellow bands around the neck, hands and waist.

“Now that was easier than I expected,” Fio squeals. “Now it’s time to catch up with…”

The Silent Woman notices Fio holding a foreign object and slithers over to her. Fio hunches backward in fear.

“All outside products must be inspected,” said the Silent Woman. It points to a small, rusty shed with an elderly fellow sitting in their behind a desk.

Fio dashes over there and hands the guy her stuff. The elderly guy is rather slow in inspecting the items, taking his time to lift every single item and inspecting it before placing it over to the side. He meticulously studies all the items, touching the entire service and licking his lips. Ironically, Fio couldn’t see his eyes since green shades and a visor hides them so well. Then again, Fio was too distracted with the glean coming off his bold head to notice that. Sadly, Fio had to wait there for nearly 15 minutes before the elderly guy was done inspecting all her belongs.

“All clear,” the elderly guy said before sitting back down and falling asleep.

“That’s it?” A dumbfounded Fio thought to herself at the site of the elderly guy falling back to sleep. “I had to wait just for that!?”

“I knew I should’ve had Marianne do this instead,” pouted Fio as she started to stomp her feet. “It’s her stuff anyways.”


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
You forgot the word support there, unless you were referring to the fact that I should take that out and replace it with me. I...kind of like that actually. Thanks for the intel on it.

Meanwhile, here's the next couple of pages.

Catching the Perfect Curve > Page Three > Wood Lover

Oh yeah…I just realized in the last page that I never explained why Fio was carrying that large piece of wood. Okay…let me fast forward. And here we go!

After losing so much time dealing with check in that ice box, Fio begrudgingly lugs it across the sandy path to the Neon Emerald Cove.

“I can’t believe they just left me,” Fio spoke out loud to herself, grumbling to herself with each step. “I know I told them to go ahead without me, but it would’ve been nice if they stuck around or at least offered to help again instead of just ditching me.”

Fio stops all of a sudden as she hears her stomach rumbling.

“And now I’m hungry,” Fio said again out load to herself. “There has to be something to eat around…”

It’s unclear if animal instincts started to kick in or if it was hunger, but Fio looked around at all the palm trees in awe. If I were a wagering man, I would have to imagine that an arrangement of warm hues covered the background with various white spheres and streams swirling all over the place. It didn’t help that there were small streams and rivers flowing all through the palm trees.


Fio toss drop the cooler and ran over to the closest palm tree. Once there, she hugs the palm tree, spanking her tail up and down in joy. She slowly releases her hard embrace and starts to rub the palm tree down to the bottom of the trunk.

“Oh my,” blushes Fio. “I haven’t seen such quality wood since my vacation with Fio to visit her dad.”

“The texture,” Fio starts to get close to the trunk, rubbing her hand against the base. “The hardness; the glean.”

“I must have it,” Fio exclaims in excitement.

Fio begins to bite down on the wood with her teeth, exposing the inner wood with her sharp chews and weakening the tree’s base with her massive tail pounding. Before she completely knocks the palm tree town, Fio stops and suddenly stands up. A moment of clarity consumes her thoughts.

“Wait a minute,” Fio looks up at the small rivers.

“If there are small rivers,” Fio notes to herself, “then that means that it empties out into the ocean.”

Joy overcomes Fio as she finally has her epiphany!

“I can finally build a massive dam,” Fio jumps with joy.

Fio finishes knocking down the palm tree with a smack of her tail and lifts the palm tree up and over her right shoulder like an axe. Fio then dashes forward towards the ocean and the Neon Emerald Cove.

Catching the Perfect Curve > Page Four > Sun Bathers

As much as you all want to see how the whole Fio thing ends up, I’m going to turn our attentions towards one of the beaches. Two figures walking along the beach. Let’s zoom in to see who it is.

“I have no recollection of how we go there, but I’m so glad to sit back and soak in the sun.”

Relaxing on one of the sandy beaches that the Neon Emerald Cove owns, Tina lifted her upper body with the back of her elbows to stare down at her body and feet. Puzzled with her Texas theme bikini, Tina lifted up on her straps with her thumps.

“I have no idea what this star is supposed to represent though. Is it supposed to represent the capital…or the night sky? And what’s up with the red and white? Those colors don’t represent anything at all.”

Tina started to slide her thumps downward towards her chest before releasing them and lying back down with a grin across her face. Tina slid her hat down to cover her eyes.

“And now it’s time to catch some shuteye,” Tina sleep fully whispered to herself.

Unbeknownst to her, Tina started to drift into a summer time nap, causing her raised right leg to slide into the smooth, warm sand. Sadly, Tina’s right leg descended downward and toward Sitalia’s rattle, which is horrible considering her reaction whenever anyone disturbs it.

“Do you mind whore,” Sitalia snapped at Tina after turning her body toward her and glaring at her with malice intent! With her hair hanging loose, all those watching can see her Mexican flag style bikini. Tina quickly arched back in fear.

“I’m not a whore,” rebutted Tina. “Will you let the whole I slept with your father good.”

Sitalia thought for a second before resting her head on the sun. Sitalia then raised her hand and used her thumb to motion to her back.

“If you want my forgiveness, then you can start by rubbing this special oil all over my body so the dead skin will pull off easier. Don’t be gentle; you need to rub hard to get all the liquid in their..”

Tina, now up, stared in utter disgust and shock at Sitalia’s back, noting all the dead skin that’s starting to peel off. Tina bites her left jaw and slowly raises her hand up and toward Sitalia’s back.

“O…O…Okay,” Tina hesitantly spoke. With slight resistant, Tina rolled over on top of Sitalia. Once in position, Tina grabbed the bottle and soaked Sitalia’s back with the lotion. Tina then slowly unsnapped Sitalia’s bikini and worked her hands all over her muscles. Tina worked the lotion all throughout Sitalia’s upper and lower back. Unbeknownst to Sitalia, Tina noticed her rattle slightly shaking in the sand with a joyful ring to it this time. Cocky, an idea in Tina’s head sparked to get Sitalia back for her previous whorish outburst.

“Well, seems like someone is enjoying this rub down.”

Rather than bicker, Sitalia quietly took it in.

“I must confess that you know what you’re doing,” Sitalia complimented Tina as she slightly hissed with calmness. “You must have had a ton of practice working those men like you did.”

Tina was initially frustrated with yet another whore insult; however, frustration turned to delight as she thought of a perfect comeback.

“What can I say? Your father loved it too.”

Sitalia became enraged, tossing Tina off her back. Never seeing Sitalia like this, Tina quickly jumps to her feet and runs away with Sitalia closing in from behind.


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
Personal Text
Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Isn't Tila a snow leo In LL as well?
Why yes…yes she is!

And before I forget again, here’s the last page that I wrote up for Catching the Perfect Curve. Due to all the running around with work and what not, I completely forgot I had this one. Sadly, this is the last page. If anyone is interested in this continuing on, just hit me up.

Catching the Perfect Curve > Page Five > Sun Chatter

Elsewhere on the glistening beaches of the Neon Emerald Cove, I see three lovely ladies ready for a good time in the simmering sun. Pity this isn’t a nude beach…yet. My wishful fantasies aside, these ladies are quire diverse in age, color, and height. As we fade downward, we…

“OH MY GOD!!!” exclaim Clarisse. “I can’t believe you took us all here! I absolutely adore the time off and soaking in the sun! We never do this back at the Honeypot! Why don’t we do this at the Honeypot? The sand feels so nice and warm against my fur! Speaking of the sand, just look at it! Just feel it! It’s so nice and sandy! I mean by god! Have you ever felt so anything so fine on your fur before? I could just lie down here all day and roll around in it! It’s--”

Don’t get me wrong folks; I love lively, small, and spunky as much as the next guy, especially one sporting a pink bikini with hearts in all the right places. But can someone please get this woman to shut up already? CRIMETY!

“Here,” Lucy hands Clarisse a rather large sandwich from a picnic basket right above her head. Slightly irate for having to remove her aqua blue sun mask from over her eyes to grab the sandwich, Lucy smiles at Clarisse and offers her a sandwich.

“Nothing beats a hot summer day like a thick, juicy sandwich,” continue Lucy as gently as she could. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Thank you so much Lucy,” squeal Clarisse as she snatched the sandwich. “This looks absolutely delicious! Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, turkey…I’m so going to enjoy this foot long! It’s so big and thick and…”

Clarisee interrupt her own rambling with a bite of the sandwich and a quick swig of what appears to be ice tea with a lemon cut on the side.

“I never had tea before,” starts Clarisse. “But it sure does taste exactly like our elix--"

Without warning, Clarisse passes out.

“That takes care of that,” Lucy spoke out loud as she leans back down on her towel. Out of all the ladies we had the pleasure of seeing thus far, Lucy is the first to wear a one piece swimsuit. And unlike the others, she had a matching ocean inspired theme beach robe and matching sun hat. Lucy slips her sun shades over her eyes and breathes a sigh of relief.

“That wasn’t really nice of you,” spoke Jeanette as she lifted herself up and turned to Lucy. For an elderly woman of her own lizard species, she did have the back side of a younger woman. Comparing her wrinkly front to her firm back was like comparing day and night. And the view was quite nice thanks to her yellow polka dot bikini combo.

“But I do appreciate it,” continued Jeanette. Her scolding demeanor transforms to delight. “Don’t get me wrong; I do care for you all, but sometimes, I just want some peace and qui--"


Jeanette and Lucy quickly rise up to see Tina runs away from an enrage Sitalia. Both of these fine women could hardly be seen as they were running at fast speeds and kicking up sand and dust.

“Was that…” starts Jeanette.

“It couldn’t be…” reply Lucy.

Without warning, Clarisse snap out of her elixir day dream.

“Did I just hear Tina,” ask Clarisee.

Darth Dies

The Guardian
Feb 25, 2016
Ok this is a little fantasy check.

As Dies is flying towards the Emerald Cove he reads the message he got from Mr. AMP:
"Get as many perfect shots as you can!"
Why did I agree to this?..."
Dies lands his starfighter and cloacks it as he exits.
"Best be careful of the silent women..."
As Dies makes his way to the ladies he quickly hides in a tree as a silent women rushed to the spot he was previously at. He waits until the silent woman leaves as he gets bit quickly gets back into the tree as Sitala tackles Tina.

As the two argue and wrestle Dies is silently taking pics finding Sitala very attractive. He moves from the area before he gets spoted attempting to find more curves.
And find them he did as he stumbeled on the beach where the others were.
"Time is short to admire the beauties in their natural habitat..."
He quickly takes some pics and rushes towards his starfighter only to be stopped by queen Jade.
"I'm gonna take it easy on you since you're new here Dies. And I found your evacive powers impressive againts my silent women. Now please..give me the camera and tell Mr. AMP to stop spying on us"
Dies merely sighs and hands over the camera and leaves with his ship.

He came back to Amp and tossed him the film he took out of the camera.
"Mission done!"
[doublepost=1463027498,1462636048][/doublepost]-extra scene-

Jade: well done Sitala. You spotted something my silent women couldn't

Sitala: "I've been trained to hunt...not to be hunted...I know when someone's is looking at me..

Velia: let's just destroy ze film....I think Dies caught me when I was changing my bikini...

Jade: right!

*as Jade opens the camera and extracts the film she notices something*

Jade: wait...The film is empty!?

Velia: WAS?!
Sitala: what?! How!?
Jade: clever boy...

*back at Mr. Amps quarters*

:gleeSnowman: "You got some rather great shots here Darth! wait here while I-"

*as Mr. Amp attempts to get to the door he is stopped by Dies placing his hand on his shoulder*

:ninjaDrake: :"Oh no! Those silent women are dangerous! It's time for you to repay tha favour!"

Said Dies

:ninjaDrake: "There are a few curves on Paraiso I rather get a good look at...I'm 100% sure Amber will be merciful."

Mr. Amp is handed a camera and is dragged to the starfighter

:crySnowman: "Darth I beg of you! Have mercy!"
:ninjaDrake: "Don't worry as I said Ambar will be kind to you. And the Starfighter I
is set for auto pilot so you'll land safely and securely!"
:crySnowman: "No Pls! I beg for mercy!"

Dies merely puts Amp in his Starfighter as it takes off to Paraiso
Likes: MrAMP