Event Caribbean Blue's Patreon Page Is Live!

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Apr 24, 2011
Here or There
Okay, so it has been for a few days now, but still...! :blushMihari:

So I'm pretty sure everyone knows what this Patreon thing is by now... no? :confuzzledMihari: Well, it essentially means help feed the kittens, :cryMihari: or the not so starving webcomic artist, :pointsMihari: or... you know what, stick with the kittens. :heartMihari: We could really use feedback on possible other incentives or milestones if you guys have them. So please let us know if you have an idea! :gleeMihari:

So thanks in advance to all those whom do become a 'patreon' we appreciate it! Every bit adds up! :heartMihari:


The Katbox
Apr 20, 2007
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But its a good one!
I'll call it a "soft launch" :dropKBNekonny:

But really, thanks to Mihari for helping me set this up and announcing this post! We have some interesting behind-the-scenes rewards, and milestones which include things like AMA's with the cast and high resolution panels.

Thanks again for all your support! :heartKBNekonny:


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Oh man...that $500 pledge looks so good right now!

That aside, kudos on the newest Patreon page. My only thought, or comment, might be to implement a sketch reward at one of the brackets.


Creator of Jay, Time Travelling Master of Reality
Feb 29, 2012
Traveling the Multiverse.
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Among the few with a human-like persona.
Jay: Whoa look at that $500 reward! This is my big chance! Author! I COMMAND THEE!!!!!!

Jay, I am NOT spending $500 just so there's a slim chance that you could finally make your debut! We will find, other means. Besides! You're not finished!

I'll still donate some though.
Jun 9, 2008
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Ahhhhh Art, How we can escape life to thee
I'd love to chip in here and there but I gota put my cash else where for now, this winter was BAAAD. On the bright side YUKI FIGURE GOAL!

Wait is she even wearing panties on the home front page there? o.o
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Apr 24, 2011
Here or There
Alrighty folks, a bit of state of affairs for Patreon. :heartMihari: As of this month our sugar daddy backer had to reduce his monthly support. :cryMihari: As such this brought us back down to our current backing of $239 / month. :pointsMihari: This means it's knocks both the Yuki figure and the Swimsuit Calendar image back to locked and frozen. We still owe this so far tho:
  • Weekly AMA on Tumblr (http://askthenekos.tumblr.net)
  • Two (2) Swimsuit Images - One (1) for each month it was backed.
  • We will have the preliminary image done for the Yuki figure.
What does it mean for these items from here on out tho? :confuzzledMihari:
  1. Well the AMA will continue unchanged as it's still backed and unlocked. :heartMihari:
  2. The Calendar images will be frozen until unlocked again, the two owed will be completed and pushed out once they are completed.
  3. The Yuki pose images for the figure will be started, and searching for a sculpture to do it will begin, however, it will not move forward beyond that till that goal is unlocked once again.
As always Nekonny and I thank everyone for their support! :heartMihari: