Can Miles Be Considered a Rational Egoist?

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 11, 2013
In my personal opinions its more like his ego wants to see tangible results for his efforts and actions. First look at his college life and his dialogue, he say he is tired of losing. Despite the fact he was clearly intelligent enough to get in to the best college in this world and his love and talent for engineering why did his friends seem have it so much easier and were happier to him at least. Devin didn't care about his classes but seems have a secure future and three women who love him. Toby is having a relationship with a teacher and he doesn't seem to care about the consequences and has a job lined up. Shin is the son of a crest and royalty so his life is pretty much set (though miles doesn't this), he is ahead in classes. Also there is what happened with hope but hopefully the comics will tell use more in the future. Looking at those around him its not surprising to me that he wonders when will he win and decides to leave college somewhat following the example of the first two. This can also be used to explain his behavior during his relationship with Taffy. While some will accuse his helping her as an excuse to get into her pants I view that he simply has no problem putting forward his own needs when in a relationship and just like most if those need are not met their will be problems(side note he never hurt her until the breakup). This applies to both side of any relationship, people need their feeling to be reciprocated. In conclusion his actions are not about raising himself so much as feeling that they are getting the results in life that he desires at least to me.