BoldGuyvsH3H3 lawsuit Update - H3H3 wins

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H3H3 has announced he has won against the lawsuit brought by TheBoldGuy (Matt Hoss) and will be making a video later. Leonard French updates us on this development.

Quick Overview

Last year, H3H3 Productions ( Husband and Wife Ethan and Hila Klein) were hit with a Copyright and Defamation Lawsuit by another YouTuber Matt Hosseinzadeh, The Bold Guy, after the couple made a video commentary of one of Bold Guy's videos. As the situation escalated into the lawsuit filing, the couple posted a video called "We're been sued" - the news prompted Youtuber and friend Philip de Franco to open a GoFundMe campaign to help cover their legal feeds and gave birth to FUPA (Fair Use Protection Account).

The news cause a massive firestorm and backlash against Bold Guy, been a YouTuber who had filed a (NOW FALSE) DMCA against 2 Youtubers, receiving a great deal of heat from the H3H3 fandom, prompting Matt Hoss to add the Defamation element into the Complaint later. The suit was filed a month after YT Game Critic Jim Sterling was sued by James Romine of Digital Homicide for Defamation and Slander, which was dismissed with prejudice last February, after Romine conceded to the defense's Conditions.

After a year and 4 months of battle, Honorable Judge Katherine B Forrest has come to her decision, in favor of the Defendants Ethan and Hila Klein. Go watch Attorney and Youtuber Leonard J. French a Copyright Attorney, who followed both lawsuits against Jim Sterling and H3H3 productions and reads the Judge's decision. H3H3 will be posting a video on the situation soon. Is Important to note, Judge Forrest, did not rule on the legitimacy of the Reaction Videos, but whether the actions committed by the Kleins constitute Fair Use, Copyright Infringement and Defamation. You can read the decision here

Congratulation to Hila and Ethan for winning a major Fair Use Victory for Online commentators everywhere #WTFU Motherfuckers?!!!


H3H3 has posted the video response to the winning the lawsuit.

As well re-uploaded the original H3H3 Matt Hoss video
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