Artificial Incident Blood Claw Bandits – #11

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Katbox Mascot
Apr 24, 2011
Here or There

Dakimakuras are still for sale! Read more for details!
I put Nyna and Kaylin from Artificial Incident on Pillow Cases! I ordered a very small number of them. So supply is very limited. I don’t have a store or anything setup, so I’m putting information here and other places. Here is the picture of the two pillows art, back and front. Yes, two different images on each side of the same character.

As for pricing, since these are extremely limited and part of a test in doing merch I didn’t want it to cost too much so I decided on a price of 40USD each not including shipping. I got the basic measurements and have put them in to the USPS calculator and it looks like shipping comes out to 5USD each in the US, 16USD for Canada, and around 20-30USD for everywhere else that I have checked.
So! How do you order? Well… E-mail me! Yeah I know, I would prefer to do a store or something but this is just a test. So! If you are interested send me an email at with the subject “Daki” and include the following information.
Which Daki you want or if you want both.
What country you are having the item shipped to.
Your paypal e-mail (So that I may send you an invoice and at THAT point I will get shipping information. This way if you are too late to order one you haven’t given me personal information you may not want me to have for no reason).

If someone requests it but doesn’t pay on the invoice I will go to the next person. There’s a very limited number of each. Also, these are just the pillow cases, not the pillow itself. You can order a pillow for them online from amazon for like 10-15 bucks.
Again the price is 40USD with shipping being most likely 5USD being shipping in the US per item, and 16-30USD being Shipping outside of the US. (In case you are confused by me saying USD- USD is United States Dollars)
If you want both that’s 80USD + shipping. It might be light and small enough to not increase the shipping cost but I’ll have to make sure.
Update – Only a couple of the Nyna Daki are left!


Katbox Forum Member
Apr 27, 2007
Oologah, OK
Brigand: "W-would you be sporting and give me a chance to be number 10?"

Nyna: "I've given you plenty of chances already!"

Oh no the plan didn't work! Will anyone save what's left of the Blood Claw Bandits?! Wait..... Nyna's got lots of blood on her claws now! Think she would be willing to take up a new profession? ;)