Fanfic Best Kept Secret

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Alejandra's #1 Tiger
Mar 5, 2008
Ipswich Queensland Australia
Personal Text
Don't judge unless you enjoy being judged.
Just a little non-canon fun for Chalo's Birthday about what if Naerie decided to get a boyfriend.

Hope you enjoy


Best Kept Secret

"...that's what I am going to call this endeavour." The elderly looking canine spoke a loud as he spread his hands out before him as if reading the words in mid air. "The High Primes Best Kept Secret."

"What is?" A young skunk suddenly jerked awake next to him in the car the pair sat in.

Adam rubbed his eyes as he struggled to focus on where he was and when he finally did he sighed deeply in regret.

"Ambar's daughter, Naerie of course." The aging man replied, looking to his younger colleague as if it was his first day.

In college while studying journalism the Adam Andrews felt on top of the world with dreams of working for a big name news agency with hopes of travelling the world covering interesting news worthy items. Instead after graduation he was barely looked at for a job anywhere with the exception of a seedy tabloid newspaper, and with much regret he took it.

The regret continued to pile when he saw that many of the stories reported on were little more than unverified rumours and sensationalism using over exaggerated lies. The most recent of his regrets was the aging news hound he now sat next to. Ernie was a nice enough guy over all but he had a tendency to over obsess on something to the level of it becoming a conspiracy theory. His latest subject was the one person that no one had been able to dig anything up on. The quiet and very uninteresting daughter of the High Prime, Naerie.

"Why would she be a secret Ernie?" The young skunk asked for the hundredth time since having teamed up with the veteran reporter.

"Because there is nothing scandalous about her." Ernie explained and each time Adam had heard it the same amount of passion was always there. "And that means there HAS to be something about her that Ambar is hiding and today is the day I find out what."

With a deep sigh the young man sat back in his seat and looked around. Once there would be dozens of news associated vehicles parked along the street near the High Primes residence all trying to get the scoop on Ambar and her daughter but when it was revealed there wasn't anything overly special about the teenager then interest fell back onto Ambar herself. Even Adam knew the High Prime was making an announcement from her office about a group of human dignitaries visiting for a party that night.

"How did I get myself into this?" The skunk muttered to himself as his co-worker appeared to get excited over something that was happening.

"Look at that!" The hound exclaimed as he pointed at a limousine pulling up to the security gates before being let inside the grounds.

"So what?" Adam shrugged his shoulders as the car continued on to the main house. "Those go in and out every day."

"Yeah but that one isn't owned by the High Prime." Ernie replied looking pleased with his own observation. "I think Naerie is up to something."

The skunk opened his mouth to say something but everything he considered would only end up eliciting a response he had already heard. In the end he folded his arms. "So what do you suggest we do then?"

Even as he spoke the words Adam knew what the answer would be.

"We follow her and catch her out of course."


The two tabloid reporters followed the limousine from the High Primes residence into the city where it stopped outside the library. It was there they saw Naerie exit the vehicle wearing a light blue dress, the young redhead looked to be addressing someone within the limo before turning away and heading up the stairs towards the main entrance of the building.

"This is your chance boy." Ernie stammered eagerly while pressing a digital camera into the mans hands. "Get after her and see what you can get."

"What? Why me?" Adam began to protest but found himself pushed out of the car.

"Just go." The older man barked before setting his eyes on the limousine to follow it.

Watching the car drive off Adam was in two minds as of what to do. Like many others he knew pursuing any type of scandalous news involving Naerie was a waste of time but deep down it was considered to be part of his job to do so. With a resigned sigh the young man pocketed the camera and headed up to the main doors after Naerie.

Inside the ambience was much more sedated than the early bustling of the city outside and many people were browsing the numerous shelves for books to read.

"Probably just looking for research material for college." Adam murmured as his eyes darted around trying to find the lightly coloured bear.

"Can I help you with something young man?" Came a softly spoken voice.

Adam turned to see a beautiful black rabbit in a business type outfit with blue eyes peering at him through matron glasses. A librarian the man assumed by the way her raven hair was tied into a bun.

"Oh." Adam thought quickly in order to avoid giving away that he may be a potential pest to one of the libraries patrons. "I was looking for my friend. She just came in here. White bear, red hair and wearing a blue dress."

The bunny thought for a moment the her face lit up. "Oh yes. I remember seeing her heading towards the sound rooms." The woman half turned to point in the direction where she had seen Naerie head off to.

"Thank you ma'am." The man said with a smile before moving off in the direction stated. The sound room he knew from experience as sound proofed rooms were where students would discuss things of listen to recordings of classes and subjects. Adam could feel the guilt return as he reached the first room and placed a hand on the handle to open it.

"What do I say?"

Before the skunk could think of anything to say should he meet Naerie face to face someone suddenly pushed him into the room and not only expertly cuffed his hands behind his back but had him pushed over a desk.

"Wh-What the hell?" He struggled but his attacker had too much of an advantage over him. Looking over his shoulder he was shocked to see the bunny librarian standing over him, holding him down. The meek look was gone, replaced by a condescending sneer.

"Someone is being a very naughty boy." She said with a grin while holding up a paddle to show the young man.

"Wait...what are you going to do with that?" Adam squeaked with wide eyes.

The answer came a few seconds later as the skunk cursed the sound proofed room and the situation he was trapped in.


"Where have you been?" Ernie asked as he pulled up at the curb where Adam waited. The young man looking in a great deal of discomfort. "And what happened to you?"

"Don't want to talk about it." The young man grumbled as he gently got into the car.

It was bad enough he had been humiliated by the rabbit but she also warned him about saying anything to anyone, citing that what had happened had been recorded and could be used against him.

"Look, while you were wasting time doing what ever, Naerie came out and went off in the limo again."

"Look Ernie, are you sure this is a good idea?" Adam shifted a little in his seat as thy drove off. "I really don't think..."

"She had gone dress shopping for tonight’s shindig and I got a good feeling Naerie is up to something." Ernie said cutting him off.

The skunk groaned and felt a sinking feeling in his stomach all the way to one of Gossamers premier fashion stores. Looking up out of the car he tried once more.

"I got a really bad feeling about this Ernie." The man complained but to no avail. He once more found himself pushed out of the car.

"Trust me kid. I feel it in my gut something is up." With a big grin the news hound drove off again.

"I'm feeling it too, only in a different place." Adam moaned as he rubbed his sore rear.

Slowly he turned and made his way into the store when hundreds of Primes were looking through some of the best made clothing on the continent. It would only be natural that the daughter of the High Prime would come here to shop for special occasions but then Adam had noted several times before that Naerie didn't seem too bothered by fancy fashion. In fact she didn't seemed bothered by much at all.

Trying to get his bearings the man tried to figure out where to begin and how he could, if at all, get a scoop on a girl who appeared to be nothing special.

"Lost your girlfriend there?" Adam heard a woman voice come from behind him and he shuddered remembering what had happened earlier before turning to see who it was.

A shark Prime stood looking at him curiously as the skunk had been looking confused about something. She looked cute in a floral pattern dress with long blonde hair and green eyes.

"Oh, nothing like that." Adam gave a sigh of relief. "I was just looking for a friend."

While it didn't work the first time he decided to use it again hoping things would work out better this time.

"What was your friend looking for? Maybe I can direct you into the proper area." The woman beamed brightly. Adam thought for a moment.

"Well there is this big party she is going to tonight so she is probably looking for a really nice outfit."

Almost immediately the shark girl took hold of his hand and took off in one direction.

"Oh I know just the place for that."

Adam almost felt his arm get tugged off as the woman babbled on about dresses and fashion accessories while traversing the store floor. It only took a minute before the pair had come to an area where expensive and exclusively designed gowns were on display, and while Adam didn't see anyone else around the shark pulled over to special changing rooms where customers could see how their selections looked.

"Your friend could be in here." The blonde said with a giggle and thrust the skunk into the first room.

Adam stumbled inside a room that was big enough for three people that had a padded bench along with a dais where someone could stand while holographic projectors could impose dress designs onto a potential customer. There didn't how ever, seem to be anyone inside.

The man heard the click of a lock and felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Looking around he could see the cute bubbly look the shark girl wore had disappeared and instead she had a dark hungry look on her features.

"So she isn't your boyfriend then? Cause you look so cute I could just eat you up." She gave a grin and showed off some of the sharpest looking teeth Adam had even seen in his life. He quickly backed away as the woman advanced.

"I think there maybe a misunderstanding." Adam squeaked as he tried to find a way around the girl and every time she moved to cut him off until she had him backed into a corner.

"Don't you like me sweetie?" The woman pouted and tugged at the belt of his trousers to undo them.

"It-It's n-not that I just think a relationship should be taken slow, that's all." Adam felt like he was stalling for his life and he tried to escape another tight situation.

“Come on, I promise not to much." The shark grinned and made a threatening bite motion.

The skunk yelped and made a break for it, quickly pushing past the woman and scrabbling for the lock on the change room while trying to fasten his trousers as he went. As he pulled the door open he tripped and fell face first onto the floor. Primes all around turned to look at the commotion and the first thing Adam saw as he tried to get to his feet were the sandal clad feet of someone with light coloured fur. Standing further he saw more and more of the woman, the light blue dress she wore, her calm blue eyes and red hair.

"Th-This isn't what it looks like..." Adam stammered as Naerie regarded him with a placid look.

"Am I suppose to see this in a certain way?" The bear asked softly.

"No ma'am." The skunk squeaked and quickly bolted away, bumping into several displays as he tried to find the exit.

"Fascinating." Naerie commented before returning her attention to the clothing styles.


"I blew it big time, didn't I?" Adam looked forlorn as he poked his meal of a burger and fries as the two news reporters sat at a fast food restaurant after the skunks latest failure.

"Happens to all of us at one point lad." Ernie said patting his younger colleagues shoulder before biting into his own food. But Adam seemed unsure.

"It's just that..." He trailed off thinking about which was worse. The fact he had now twice been thwarted at meeting Naerie or the fact he looked like a complete fool in front of her in the clothing store.

"You know thinking bout those women you told me of," the hound said while chewing. "Sounds like they could've been Naerie's bodyguards. Figures they'd have someone looking after her against the like of us."

Adam tried to find comfort in his fellow workers grin but he couldn't help seeing the sense in it. Having women guarding the Hugh Primes daughter would be more appropriate then seeing big burly men in suits looking out of place. The skunk took a moment to think about which would be worse, men in suits or a sexy bunny with a spanking paddle. He shivered subconsciously as the sound of Ernie's phone went off.

"News hound here, whatchagot for me?" The older canine happily barked out while turning away a little to talk. Adam shook his head and munched on a couple of fries while once again thinking about his face-to-face with the young redhead. As he was about to take a bite of his burger Ernie gave his a bump on the shoulder, the big grin the man had gave Adam a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Son," he said. "Have you got a tux? Cause you're going to a party tonight."


Adam Andrews stepped through the front door of the High Primes residential home still unbelieving at what had happened. After the call Ernie received at lunch things had been a blur. They had gotten word from their office that Adam had received a personal invitation to the reception of the visiting human dignitaries that Ambar herself was holding. At first neither of the two tabloid reporters couldn't believe it at first until they returned to find a legitimate invitation awaiting them.

Seeing it as another opportunity Ernie eagerly took the skunk out to hire a tuxedo on the companies account and to drill him on what he needed to do and look out for. Most of which Adam missed due to the realisation of the situation. The questions most prominent on his mind where "Who?" and "Why?".

Upon arriving at Ambar's mansion he was half expecting the well built security guards to pull him aside when he produced the invitation but to Adam's surprise it was fully accepted, proving the legitimacy of the document.

Moving through the lobby the young man saw the bustling members of several well known news networks all setting up or reporting on the upcoming events for the evening. Adam avoided them as he knew from experience as to how people like them treated tabloid reporters. Instead the skunk moved further inside to where the main crowd was mingling.

Here Adam slowly scanned the throng of mixed clans and races. Several humans were in groups talking with Primes who were considered important in business and the community and while it would be considered big news to talk with them the young man had more pressing things to cover. A wave of guilt suddenly washed over him.

Not for the first time he stopped to think about Naerie and why it was so important to find something scandalous about her. What would he achieve if in fact there was something news worthy? It made Adam feel more like a pest than a real reporter. He looked down at the invitation still clutched in his hand and sighed. When he looked up he saw something that made his blood freeze.

A black rabbit in a business suit, the same black rabbit from the library earlier that day, was staring at him from across the room. Her eyes going from curious to flat out glaring at him when a look of recognition crossed her face. Adam panicked and quickly turned to find a place to go when he spied the blond shark woman entering the room through the door he was about to leave. She was escorting a couple of Primes when she too saw the young man and gave him a sly, hungry look.

Seeing the night suddenly end prematurely in the hands of these two made Adam panic, the young man noticing an escape route in the form of a hallway nearby. Figuring the two women would have to excuse themselves first before pursuing him, the skunk made his way over to hopefully find a way to hide from them.

The corridor had a few people walking towards the reception which the young man avoided easily, eventually ducking around the corner of a intersection Adam pressed himself up against the wall and took a deep breath. His heart pounding as he tried to weigh up his options. He could confront the two and show them the legitimate invite but then it still wouldn't explain where he got it. It also meant he could end up bent over another desk again.

The sound of high heels on stairs attracted his attention and he looked to see the staircase he had missed in his panic. He also caught sight of a red haired woman in an elegant dress disappear around the corner at the top of the stairs.

"Naerie?" Adam whispered. Considering it the best of the two options the skunk scampered up the stairs after the girl. Moments later the black bunny appeared still looking for the intruder only to find no one hiding and choosing to move on along the lower floor.

On the upper floor Adam once more hide round the corner and waited a moment before deciding that he had eluded his pursers. He then looked down the way he thought Naerie had went and saw an empty hallway. He took a few steps along the corridor and stopped.

"I could have sworn..."

Behind him, and initially unnoticed by the reporter, a door slowly opened and a light furred arm carefully reached out to snare the collar of his tuxedo jacket and drag him into the closet.

Adam squeaked and slapped his hands over his mouth in an attempt to not attract any more attention to himself as he was pulled into the dark confining space, instead he started gibbering madly in a hushed tone.

"Oh Gods I'm sorry, really sorry. I didn't mean to intrude. I mean well I was invited and I have a proper invitation and all and I really don't know who sent it to me and-" He hurried stammering was cut off by a soft finger pressed to his lips to quieten him. In the dim light Adam saw Naerie's piercing blue eyes and red hair.

He went quiet the sound of feet passed by out in the corridor along with the voice of several women who were definitely looking for him. For some reason Naerie had saved him.

"I know you were invited." She said quietly. "I invited you."

Adam was flabbergasted. "But...but why?"

"You are the one following me. Why would you do this?"

Taken aback by the question Adam had truly been caught out. His job required him to get "messy" when it cam to finding a story but now in the face of someone he thought was so innocent of anything the skunk had to come clean.

"Look, I won't lie to you." Adam sighed softly. "I work for a tabloid paper and I was suppose to find dirt on you...A scandalous story or something."

"So mother was right about you." Naerie stated in her quiet voice.

Adam felt another pang of regret for taking the job at the tabloid paper. If the High Prime knew of him, and worse yet, found him on her property with her daughter. Adam stopped thinking about it.

"Yeah." He admitted. "But before I go n turn myself in to get tossed out there is something I want to say."

In the darkness Naerie tilted her head slightly and waited.

"You don't deserve this sort of treatment." The skunk went on. "From what I have seen you are a decent young lady trying to live your life the best way you can and I for one respect you for that. So I can't really see the point in hurting you with lies."

Still the bear remained quiet.

"I'm going to go now. It as nice to meet you Miss Naerie."

As he turned to open the door Adam felt Naerie push against him and press her lips to his. The move taking the young man by surprise, although the shock was nothing compared to the closet doors suddenly being tugged open and the menacing figure of a large husky bodyguard looming in the doorway. The woman’s eyes narrowing on the man as the couple came apart.

"You vill come with me." The large canine said with an accent. The tone not one up for negotiation.

"I am coming as well." Naerie said in tone that also was adamant.

With a surprised look the husky motioned them both down the hallway.


Adam felt doomed. While he sat on a couch in the home office of the High Prime herself the woman sitting behind the desk flipping through a file in front of her wasn't Ambar. She introduced herself as Amanda Silver and mentioned they had been following the skunks antics for the past month since he started working in his dubious job.

Adam had heard of Spider Primes but this was the first time he had ever met one in person. The woman was very professional looking with her black hair tied in a bun, the red stripe standing out very much. When questioned about the invite he had it was Naerie who answered in her simple, straight forward way. Something that surprised not only Miss Silver but to the rabbit and shark who were standing either side of the spider as well.

This was fifteen minutes ago. Amanda motioned the husky out of the room and things had been quiet since. Then only thing giving the young man any comfort was the fact Naerie was holding his hand, their fingers entwined.

The door opened and Adam heard a voice that he was sure to seal his fate.

"I do hope this is important enough to drag me away from my party." The High Primes voice floated in. The bears demeanour shifting drastically as she took in the sight of her daughter sitting next to the skunk. "Why is he here?"

"Perhaps you should ask your daughter." Amanda replied motioning to Naerie. "After all she did invite him."

All eyes turned to the young red head.

"I am simply doing as you requested mother." Came a simple reply.

Ambar looked more surprised then the others. "How is this," she pointed to Adam and as he shrank under the Prime leaders accusing fingers, as he did he felt a soft reassuring squeeze to his hand. "What I requested?"

"You wished me to be more social and to perhaps meet a nice young man to settle with."

Everyone, Adam included, choked at the response the girl gave. Ambar rubbed her forehead.

"Naerie, sweetheart, you should know by now when I am joking with you."

"And yet mother, you have mentioned it enough to make me realise you are right."

There was a long silence as those in the room were looking to Ambar to see her reaction everyone except Adam who was looking Naerie after the words she spoke. Was she serious? Did she want to settle with him? This can't be right.

"But why him?" Ambar asked, looking for reasoning in her daughter's choice. "I am sure you could do better than someone like this."

Adam feel his heart sink at the High Primes words but once again felt Naerie squeeze his hand again.

"He is honest, caring and he knows enough about me to begin a relationship with." The bear stated.

"Probably knows a lot about you by scrounging through our garbage." Ambar sneered softly, but held up her hand to avoid any response to the remark.

"And you young man." The adult bear asked turning her questioning. "Do you like my daughter enough to be her boyfriend? Do you think you love her? Cause there probably a lot of men out there who think they should be in your position right now."

Adam baulked at the questions, even more so as he knew everyone, including Naerie, was looking at him. He looked into her blue eyes. Honesty he thought.

"I do like Naerie ma'am." He said remembering his words in the closet earlier. "But I can't say I love her." Ambar scoffed but this didn't stop the man from continuing.

"I mean, is it possible to love someone without getting to know them first? I have never been in that position to tell." All while he spoke he was looking at the younger bear. "I like her enough to want to get to know her better, to help her should she need my help, and if love is something that grows then I would be happy to share it with her."

To the right of Amanda the shark girl sighed and gave a romantic look while her bunny co-worker harrumphed as if it was something she had heard too many times before. Both the spider and Ambar stood quietly listening and taking note of how the young couple were still holding hands.

"I still don't like it." Ambar grumbled and folded her arms. "Naerie you shouldn't have to date someone who makes lies for a living."

"I-I don't have to work at the tabloid." Adam blurted out. "I mean it's not like I have worked there long enough to like it..."

"Then my daughter would be dating an unemployed bum then?"

Adam sighed at not being able to get a foothold in the conversation.

"I am sure with his skills he can find another job mother." Naerie spoke up as she came to the skunks defence.

"Yes," the High Prime gave a sly grin. "So convenient he will soon be in a position of great attention."

Those words hit Adam a little hard after realising that if he is outed as Naerie's boyfriend he would be the focus of a lot of people.

"I will not oppose it if you are happy to do this Naerie." Ambar said flatly. "But if things go sour don't say I didn't warn you so."

"Understood mother." The young bear said.

"Now if there is nothing else, I have a party to host." Nobody said a thing and Ambar headed out of her office, giving the couple on the couch a final look before exiting. Just outside, her hand still on the door handle, Ambar smiled slyly to herself.


Back in the office Amanda closed the file in front of her and looked to the three bodyguards. "Well I think we can wrap things up here for the moment."

All three women looked at each other, then to the couple on the couch before they too exited to continue their work. Leaving Naerie and Adam with the spider alone.

"You two better get your story straight before going out there to the party." She spoke rising from her chair and picking up her jacket. "But before you do I would like a word alone with Adam."

The last part was directed to Naerie and she simply nodded and stood up, Adam getting up with her. The bear giving him a kiss on his cheek before moving to leave the office. The skunk rubbed his cheek, still feeling surreal at what happened. He was sure his career and possibly life was over until this amazing girl stepped in and...

Wait, Adam thought. What did she do?

He turned to see that Amanda was now flush up in his face, fangs bared and looking very angry. He squeaked in shock and fell back onto the couch.

"I don't know what your game is kid but I make it my business to know if people are playing me." The spider said pulling on her jacket. "Ambar, is always hard to judge but then it's part of what she needs to do. Naerie is damn near impossible to read so this situation is just confusing the hell out of me, and I honestly don't like it."

Taking a step back she allowed Adam to stand once more. "You however. If I didn't know any better I'd say you are doing this to save your own ass and frankly I can't blame you, I would do the same thing."

The skunk remained quiet as the thought of himself lying just to keep himself out of trouble only just settled on him, creating more doubt as to why he was doing this.

"However." Amanda went on. "If you are serious about needing a new job." From under her custom coat an arm appear holding a business card. "Come see me on Monday, should you survive the night."

With a flash of her fangs the spider moved past the stunned skunk and left the room.

On the card she had given him were the words. "Prime Cultural Attache...Building Community Bridges".

Ambar, Naerie, Primes, Neo-Earth (C) Chalo; Amanda (C) Jaffah; story Jaffah 2017