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The invisible Colorist
The Katbox
Jul 9, 2008
Hello everyone.

Chalodillo, Mastergodai, Nekonny and Ustudios are planning on going to Anthrocon this year, so they are hosting a special commission event to raise the funds
on Sunday 16th of april at 4 PM Central.

The comissions will be 70 lineart and colors for 80.

Colors will be done by Ustudios.

Rules are as follow

1) The comission can be NSFW (except for Nekonny he will only do SFW)

2) OC are allowed

3) Artist can decline any comission idea if they dont agree on what is being asked.

4) In case many people want a comission from a specific artist a raffle will be done.

5) payments will be done in paypal only.

the streams will be on picarto:
[doublepost=1492934815,1492314302][/doublepost]Update: today at around 3 pm central time, we will have another stream with chalo, mastergodai and nekonny. Same rules as last week..

Hope to see you there


Resident Resident spirit expert
Gallery Volunteer
Nov 26, 2012
Personal Text
Cat boobs ain't a spreadsheet
Waitwatiwati, I'm confused.

It's April 23rd, you made this post today at four AM.

Is this a commission stream for time travelers?


The invisible Colorist
The Katbox
Jul 9, 2008
the posts get merged and it seems they where made but yeah the stream is today 23rd at 3 PM
[doublepost=1494067319,1492968360][/doublepost]Ok so update on for the anthrofund. Chalo will be hosting his stream on Saturday May 6th at around 11 A. m. Central time. Mastergodai and Nekonny might join later that same day.

Same rules as always Hope to see you there

Also working on the pics from last stream still. had a really bad health issues during this week due to some meds not agreeing with me. apologies for the delays.

Take care

[doublepost=1494711337][/doublepost]Ok people its that time again tomorrow at around 11 AM central we will be hosting the weekly anthrofund stream. hope to see you there. Same rules as before.
[doublepost=1496568462][/doublepost]Just a quick heads up. we will be hosting the anthrofund one last time to reach our goal on Sunday June 4th. at around 11 central.

There will be a change on Chalos commision this time

He will only do 1 or 2 character pics with the style he uses on his request streams. (sepia tones). the price for him will also change to 50 per char.

The rest will be the same as usual

Have a good day and hope to see you there.