An Overdue death long since Announced - Toys R Us U.S. close to closure

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Katbox Forum Member
From TFW2005 and Bloomberg report, - While the situation is still fluid, it seems that Toys R Us is shutting down operations in the U.S. if there are no takers to buy it - the news comes just a week after the UK branch announced it was under Administration (a term for risk for closure in the UK), the European Branch is seeking bidders and the Asian Branch has entered the process of been off loaded. No determination on the Canadian Branch which enter bankruptcy last Sept.


Katbox Forum Member
Sep 21, 2007
IMO quite the shame. I understand its corporate behavior was not... always up to desired levels, but in large parts of the country it is the only option many people had walk-in access to various toys / hobbies. Hell, several companies cite Toys R Us on its own as responsible for 10-15% of their overall sales, and it's not surprising when many of their lines simply couldn't be sold in other stores due to limited space (meaning prioritization of whatever's hot / selling best). Anything that removes yet another hurdle from Amazon taking over a market is bad in and of itself too, for that matter.