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 Fanfic Adventures in World Building

Discussion in 'Community Works' started by Eradose, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Eradose

    Eradose Katbox Forum Member

    Jun 1, 2009
    Containment Protocol active
    Home Page:
    Hey guys. This has been a pet project of mine for a bit. With Anna, Lilith, and recently Eraku, being mentioned in emoticon theater, as well as the currently vaporware Miles RPG, I think it was about time to give some backstory as to what kind of universe they come from. Currently, I have backgrounds for most of the major races and governments (although I think one or two could use a rename, and I could rewrite some of this). I'm still working on the background for androids and cyborgs, and the technologies in play here, but this should give you an idea as to the universe I made for them.

    Races of the Universe (so far)


    Humans are one of the most common races in the universe, having various traits and builds, but are commonly identified by having light or dark skin with hair mostly on their heads, and with average or above average skills is most categories.

    Human origins vary from planet to planet, and the true origin of humans in the galaxy is kind of an unknown mystery.


    Elves closely resemble humans, with much slender builds, and long pointed ears. They are know for their high agility, keen hearing and eyesight, and fast reflexes. Most elves also exhibit a high aptitude for magical use, which also makes them one of the first races to develop the science of Technomagic. Elven heritage ties back to the planet of Junari, where the Kingdom of Junari still stands, one of the five largest government bodies in the Galactic Alliance.


    Beastkin are a race exclusive to Solar System AF in the Junari territories. They resemble tan skinned humans with dark brown facial markings, elf like ears, canine snouts, and a single horn in the middle of their forehead. They have above average strength and endurance, and have a very proud warrior-like disposition.

    As stated before, Beastkin rarely ever leave Solar System AF, and were confused for other races up until the past 100 years.


    Greys are very thin and tall humanoids with grey skin, large black eyes, and no hair. They are very weak in a physical sense, but their large heads are more than for show, as they are one of the most intellectual races in the universe, being the very first race to master space travel, and all Greys having some form of telepathic talent.

    Greys mostly keep to themselves, only interacting with other races for trade or information. As such, it’s rare to see Greys in any other major cities other than ones with a primarily Grey population.


    Dragons are an ancient and powerful race, with large reserves of magic stored in their bodies, and access to powerful breath based weapons. Most dragons resemble large lizards, being either bipedal or quadrupedal, and having large wings to grant them flight. Some dragons can even have fur.

    Juvenile dragons vary in appearance depending on both the dragon type, and the planet they come from. For example, juvenile dragons from Solar System AF look like winged cats with humanoid faces. Dragon can also assume humanoid forms as well, with them having visible horns, tails, and wings, although these can be suppressed with a great deal of concentration.


    Sevians are a race of demons that have lived in the mortal worlds for millennia. Sevian mythology places their origins to a group of demons who made a grand migration to Sevara from the underworld, lead by an angel who escaped captivity from a demon overlord. It is suggested that all Sevians have some trace of angelic DNA at some point in their family tree, since there was documented visitations and settlements by angels over the centuries. Because of this, despite being a dark nature due to their demonic heritage, Sevians do not give off demonic energy.

    Sevian biology is greatly varied, being they draw from the various demonic races, such as Pit Fiends, Succubi, Oni, Imps, and the like. Sevians also exhibit behavior traits and social trends similar to humans, although they still maintain their demonic heritage.


    Furans are an anthropomorphic race of humanoid animals. The appearance of these beings vary greatly, not just because they represent various animal types, but also that Furans can also vary how humanoid they are. Some Furans will be covered completely in fur or scales, with animal like snouts, whereas others would only have ears and tails like the animals they represent, with small patches of fur or scales on occasion, with the rest of their bodies having skin much like humans or elves. This variation to Furan biology is possibly due to thousands of years of cross breeding with other humanoid races.

    Furans are known for their high levels of agility and reflexes, nearly on par with elves. It’s also worth noting that Furans with reptilian features are still mammals, as they’re still warm blooded, and still give milk to their young. As to Furan origins, it’s still unclear, even to Furans, how their race came about. Some have theorized that Furans were the original prototype of all life in the universe, where as other speculate they were created by magic in ages unknown. However, there has been no known historical records or mythology to suggest either theory. It seems Furans have just existed as long as any sapient life forms.

    -On the subject of Kistune, Nekomata, and Lamia

    The Kitsune and Nekomata races were sometime considered part of the Furan, given that Kistune and Nekomata can be easily confused for them, being also humanoid beings with animal like features (kitsune being foxes, and Nekomata being cats). However, both races are more distant relatives to the Sevian race. Kitsune and Nekomata have some similar features to them, as both are multi-tailed species (being a key identifier between them, and fox or cat Furans), and both can assume an animal form. Kitsune can even assume a more Furan like form, a humanoid form covered in fur.

    As for the Lamia race, they are less likely to be mistaken for a Furan, as Lamias look like a human or elven female for the most part, only with their legs being replaced by a snake like body. They also have very reptilian eyes, and are somewhat cold blooded. Unlike Kitsune or Nekomata, it’s still undetermined if the Lamia have ties to the Sevian race.

    The common factor between Kitsune, Nekomata, and Lamias are that they are all female specific species. Because of this, they all need to breed with males of other races to continue their species. Such pairings will result in male children having the same race as their father, whereas female children will be the race of the mother. It’s unclear as to why this is, although it is suggested that their genes do not pair with a Y Chromosome, as to not overrun their race with females, and therefor have no viable males to breed with.

    Kitsune and Nekomata children also have a trait of being born with a single tail, making it much more easy to confuse them with Furans. However, Nekomata will gain a second tail upon hitting puberty, and Kitsune will gain more tails as they grow up, gaining their ninth and final tail between 17 and 22 years of age.

    Kitsune and Nekomata have also been documented to also be able to breed with male foxes and cats respectively, as both can assume an animal form, and is possibly due to their biological similarities, and a possible solution to if there is no viable humanoid males to breed with. However, Kitsune and Nekomata breeding with foxes and cats while still in their humanoid forms is seen as taboo as beastiality in the eyes of the public, even though most Nekomata have no issues breeding with large cats in humanoid forms, and Kitsune being attached to their mates, regardless of race. This being said, pornographic tapes of such acts fetch high prices in the more… unsavory markets.

    And before it is asked, no, there are no large snakes that Lamias breed with, regardless of what some people in the galaxy think.

    -On the subject of Bioroids

    While not technically a race, since they encompass many different races, Bioroids are synthetically created lifeforms that were engineered to be a cheaper alternative to robots and androids. The creation of a Bioroid required a base genetic stock to determine the racial profile of the Bioroid, and are grown in production tanks, being fully grown within a few hours. A basic behavioral program is installed into their brains so that, once they leave their tank, they have full understanding of the task they were created for. Fully grown Bioroids are distinguishable from the race they were made to look like, save for their pale, porcelain skin, white hair, and violet eyes, as well as pale blue markings on their bodies, caused from the electrodes on their bodies used to ensure their muscle systems will be fully functional when they leave their tank. However, these markings usually fade away after two to three years. Bioroids age at the same rate as the race they were based off of, with a starting age determined by the biomass used to created them, although most Bioroids were made to be between a genetic age of 16 and 25.

    Bioroids were a main export of the United Federation, having production factories across several planets (including a few outside of their territories). However, being that Bioroids, despite being synthetically made, are still living beings, the debate came about that Bioroids are a created slave race, and should be seen as sapient life forms (once of the most vocal outspeakers being the Kingdom of Junari). The United Federation continued to dispute these claims, saying that Bioroids were no different than robots, even stating that Bioroids were simple in their intelligence, and sterile.

    However, those claims came under fire during an incident where 50 military grade Bioroids revolted against their masters. While the riot, dubbed the “Bioroid Rebellion”, was subdued after all the offending Bioroids were killed, the reason for their revolt was unknown at the time, being blamed on the enhanced testosterone and adrenaline used in military grade Bioroids (which are all male). As such, the United Federation ceased production on all male Bioroids, and promised to find a new alternative for military Bioroids.

    The actual reason for the revolt, discovered years later during the fall of the United Federation, was that the craft housing the military Bioroids was using them as cannon fodder, as well as forcing them to fight each other for the amusement of the crew. Fed up with being treated as such, rebelled against the crew of the ship. This was of course was removed from all records, as it would disprove the United Federation’s claims of Bioroids being no different than machines.

    Even after the United Federation issued their explanation into the incident, the Galactic Alliance demanded a inquiry into Bioroid production and treatment. 1000 Bioroids from various fields were placed under the custody of a special scientific research group, headed by Professor Gerald Amadeus, and placed through various tests. The testing was conducted over the course of 6 months, and it was discovered that Bioroids did indeed have intelligence comparable to sapient life, a full understanding of emotions, and were not sterile (this was incidentally discovered when Gerald started a relationship with a Bioroid named Maya).

    Gerald was ready to file his report to the Galactic Alliance, with he, the other scientists, and the 1000 Bioroids, were on the UFAS Charon to file the report in person at the request of the United Federation. However, this was a ploy to keep the evidence from reaching the Alliance’s inspectors, by staging an accident, making it seem like the ship’s autopilot malfunctioned, flying the UFAS Charon into a sun, then filing a forged report to cover up the actual findings. The crew was all set to abandon ship when Professor Gerald discovered what they were up to. His kneecaps were shot off, and was left to die. However, Maya was able to stabilize Gerald, and override the ship’s autopilot. An emergency transmission was sent to the Galactic Alliance, revealing what happened, and the Alliance immediately ordered the United Federation cease all Bioroid production, and liberate all Bioroids currently in service.

    The United Federation’s leaders refused to comply with the Galactic Alliance’s demands, saying that the Alliance had no right to “destroy their economy”, since the Federation’s main export is Bioroids. However, with the Alliance’s orders being made public to the whole galaxy, the Federation fell into civil war, with much of the populous outraged that their government had lied to them (although that was more of the last straw). With the situation quickly going out of control, and before the Alliance could intervene, the leaders of the United Federation launched tactical nukes into major cities, but caused a chain reaction that tuned the whole of their core planet into a lifeless world, killing billions.

    The leaders of the United Federation were arrested by the Galactic Alliance, and tried for various warcrimes, and crime against sapient life. They were found guilty on all charges, and executed. Shortly after, the Galactic Alliance filed the “Bioroid Emancipation Act”, granting full citizenship to all Bioroids in the galaxy in their respected governments, and outlawing all Bioroid production due to ethical concerns. The 1000 Bioroids were granted asylum in the Kingdom of Junari, with Gerald and Maya settling down on the Junari core world, with them being not only the first Bioroid marriage, but Maya soon also gave birth to the first documented half Bioroid child.

    Even though Bioroid production is outlawed, aspects of Bioroid production are still used in medical science for the creation of replacement organs, as well as, in rare cases, granting androids that have been determined to be fully self aware a chance to become organic lifeforms should they be determined to be fit for the transference process.

    As for the crew of the UFAS Charon, after over 60 years, no trace of their escape pods has been found.

    The Major Governments of the Galactic Alliance.

    -The Kingdom of Junari

    Junari is one of the five most powerful government bodies in the Galactic Alliance, spanning several star systems. The Kingdom is based on the elven homeworld of Junari, and the matriarchy has ruled the kingdom for centuries. Although it mostly consists of elves (roughly 65% of the population), the kingdom recognized all sentient life as equals. It’s also to note that Sevara (homeworld of the Sevians) and Blue Star (homeworld of the Beastkin) are considered part of the Junari kingdom, but are still independent from it. Junari is also considered the birthplace of Technomagic.

    Roughly 18 years ago, Princess Salra was kidnapped by the infamous space pirate, Kasious Ravenhold. Details of the kidnapping have been kept under wraps from the general public, but Salra did die as a result, but left a successor in her daughter, Lil Alexander. Salra’s mother was acting ruler until her untimely end about a year ago by her own son. As such, Duke Lorin Alexander is currently the acting ruler until Lil takes the throne. It is also worth noting that Lil had an arranged marriage set up to Prince Rick Kaiser of the Kingdom of Orean, but the engagement was called off two years after it was announced. And with the recent events in Orean, probably for the best.

    -The Kingdom of Orean
    Orean was once a beacon of hope in the Galactic Alliance, maintaining solid ties to The Kingdom of Junari, The Planetary Confederation, and the Draconian Empire. Their special forces unit, the “Chaos Hunters”, were a special team who specialized in light/dark magic fusion, and were on par with the Hunters Guild.

    However, about a year ago, the king was killed, and the Chaos Hunters were made to blame. The king’s son, Rick Kaiser, took over the kingdom, and set about a self destructive rule, outlawing the use of dark magic, and anyone seen using it placed in “reeducation camps”. He also started using the illegal technology of CyberNecomancy, despite his decree of dark magic being outlawed. The truth of the matter was that Rick was a puppet controlled by High Chancellor Dougles, who was a religious zealot, believing all darkness needing to be eradicate from the universe. He twisted Rick’s mind at a young age into his way of thinking, and orchestrated an assassination of the Queen and her infant child to sway Rick into seeing anything being part of Darkness as the enemy.

    However, the infant survived the assassination attempt, and spirited away to an orphanage to keep him hidden from those who tried to kill him. The child, under the name Hiro Liger, grew up not knowing of his royal heritage, eventually becoming one of the highly respected members of the Chaos Hunters, under the watchful eye of the king’s brother, Mealo Kaiser. Hiro and the few surviving Chaos Hunters managed to prove their innocence, and overthrew Rick. Rick’s current fate is unknown.

    As of now, Mealo Kaiser is acting as the current ruler of Orean, and is trying to fix the damage caused by Rick’s rule, until the time comes for Hiro, and his fiancee, Leana, to be named rulers or Orean.

    -The United Federation (disbanded)
    The United Federation is quite infamous due to the legacy it left behind. Most people remember the United Federation’s fall being cause by a civil war triggered after an incident where the leaders attempted to silence a Galactic Alliance appointed scientific inquiry into the United Federation’s primary export, Bioroids. In reality, the incident was rather the last straw, as several elements within the government, such as corrupt officials, overblown government spending (some of which was for “personal” expenses), and overbearing surveillance, to name a few, lead to the people revolting against the government. Before the Alliance could step in, the leaders of the government ordered tactical nukes to be launched to try and suppress the rebels, resulting in the Federation’s home world being left a dead planet.

    In the wake of the Federation’s fall, the former leaders were arrested, and executed for war crimes, and the surviving worlds have either splintered into several smaller governments, or were absorbed into existing government bodies.

    -The Lexacon
    The Lexacon is the primary government body of The Greys, with their primary home being their central world ship. The Lexacon has no real dominion on any planets, and claim no planet as their homeworld (suggesting it was destroyed ages ago). Any interaction with a Grey world ship is to also deal with The Lexacon, who will only allow outsiders to dock if they are offering goods or information. Beyond that, The Lexacon do not bother with the affair of the rest of the galaxy, although they are recognized as part of the alliance.

    It is currently unclear as to who currently heads The Lexacon, but it seems to be some kind of counsel.

    -The Planetary Confederation
    One of the governments formed from the fall of the United Federation, the Planetary Confederation has spent the last 60 years trying to establish itself as a major player in galactic politics. Recent trade agreements over several valuable resources on some of the planets under their control has put them on the map almost overnight. The Planetary Confederation has distanced themselves with the identity of the former United Federation, but still are trying to get out of that shadow.

    The Confederation is currently under the rule of President Amora, who is of bioroid and human decent. Her father was one of the major rebel leaders during the United Federation civil war. As such, she is a no nonsense woman who takes civil maters seriously.

    -The Alliance of Marta
    A Furan controlled government, the Alliance of Marta has existed far before the Furans became a space fairing race. More laid back than most governments in the Galactic Alliance, the Alliance of Marta is one of the few who has a unique perspective on galactic politics, and, alongside the Kingdom of Junari, can often be the voice of reason in serious galactic matters.

    The Alliance of Marta is currently under the control of Counselor Kina, the first Kitsune to be elected leader of the Alliance. Although she has a serious tone to her, she still represent her government’s known reputation.

    -The Draconian Empire
    The Draconian Empire is a government body controlled primarily by dragons. While the most militaristic of the governments in the Galactic Alliance, they’re not particularly violent, nor do they seek out conflict. They just try to keep their forces as strong as possible in the case they are ever needed. As for other political concerns, The Draconian Empire is sometimes blunt, but fair in rulings, and try to maintain ties to the other major governments.

    The Draconian Empire is under the leadership of Fuhrer Mardock, who is a black dragon who isn’t one to get emotional on any ruling, and demands that situations be handled by the book.

    -The Hunter’s Guild
    While not a government body, the Hunter’s Guild is closely tied to the Galactic Alliance, being given jurisdiction to operate in any system, regardless of what government body controls it. Their job is to hunt down dangerous criminals, should said criminals be deemed enough of a threat, or important enough, to warrant an interplanetary bounty on their heads. A Hunter’s License works as both a full galactic citizenship (bypassing their normal government citizenship), and an automatic landing permit, giving full clearance to land in any spaceport, so long as they are on assignment.

    Members of the Hunter’s Guild cannot be drafted into service by any military or law enforcement agency against their will, and anyone who tries will have to deal with the Galactic Alliance itself. The reverse is also true, as hunters cannot force others to help them either. However, law enforcement and military are instructed not to interfere with hunters if they are on assignment, and law enforcement do have instructions to hand over any criminal to a hunter should the criminal need to be extradited to another star system for other crimes.

    Members of the Hunter’s Guild have to meet annual evaluations to continue to keep their licenses, and can have their licenses suspended if they break any of the guidelines of the guild. There have also been rare cases of former hunters finding themselves with a bounty on their heads issued by the guild itself, should the guild find it necessary. Guild members also need to follow basic interplanetary laws, and are not allowed to cause intentional harm to civilians. However, hunters are allowed to deal with criminals in any way they see fit, so long as they don’t resort to war crimes to do it, and don’t kill criminals who need to be brought in alive.

    The minimum age to join the guild is 14, and they have to go through a year long training program before they are allowed to take an apprenticeship with a senior hunter who has had a minimum of 10 years of service to the guild. The hunter then must have at least a year and a half of experience under the senior hunter before a final exam can be given. Passing that, they will gain full membership into the Hunter’s Guild. However, should a hunter be training as a battle mage, they must clear a exam with a credited magic institution at the age of 18 before they can start using magic in the field.

    Although bounty hunting is lucrative at times, there are many times where hunters can go through a long “dry spell” of no active bounties to hunt, so many hunters keep part time jobs to keep a steady income in between bounties.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 18, 2017, Original Post Date: Feb 28, 2017 ---
    Still working on the implications of sentient AI, robotics, and cybernetics. However, until then, would anyone want me to list some key locations and characters for this setting (aside from Anna and Lilith)? Keep in mind, many won't be major players in the grand scheme of the universe, but rather closely related to my characters in general.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 22, 2017 ---
    Cybernetics data dump finished....

    -On the subject of Robots, Androids, and Cybernetics

    Over the ages of technological progress, the subject of AI being fully sentient beings has come up quite a bit. Right before the controversy involving Bioroids, and probably being the cause of said controversy, it was deemed that any AI that can be determined to be completely self-aware would be considered for full citizenship in their local planetary government. The required test to determine self-awareness required to be deemed a sentient being is a very complex one, and involves many steps to approval. However, should an AI not be deemed to be self-aware, but working on it’s own accord (often against orders), the AI will be deemed “rouge”, and orders will be sent to the Hunter’s Guild to either capture or terminate the Rouge AI, usually depending on how dangerous the AI can be to anyone trying to capture it, or anyone around it.

    Sentient AI usually are found in various models of Robots and Androids, although some ship AI can also be deemed Sentient. Despite being mechanical automatons, the major difference between Robots and Androids is that robots still maintain a very mechanical look, some even not resembling a humanoid form. Androids on the other hand very much mirror existing lifeforms, some with full synthetic skin that makes them almost indistinguishable from organic life (some even being built with sexual functionality). The line between Android and organics has even further blurred with the advancement of the Alchemy Drive System Unit (or “A.D.S. Unit” for short). Many Androids with an A.D.S. core can supplement their power systems by being able to eat foods, and break it down at a molecular level as fuel for their systems. However, this has limitations, and an android still needs an 8 hour charge (or “sleep”) cycle or risk overclocking their systems.

    If an Android or other AI wishes, they can go through a lengthy test, often taking months, to determine if they would be fit to be transferred into an organic body. The growing of said bodies is similar to the creation of Bioroids, but has been strictly limited to only this situation, and do not have the lack of pigmentation as Bioroids did. Again, due to the ethics involved in turning an AI into an organic being, the AI must be determined as being able to adapt to life as the race they’ll become. After being transferred, the AI will fall under the current Bioroid laws. It is to note that there was a recent incident of an AI transferring itself to a Bioroid body to escape being classified as “rouge”. This situation has never come up before, but it is ruled the AI, now in a Bioroid body, now must fall under Bioroid laws as well.

    The advancement of robotics also brings the rise of cybernetics, with organics beings being able to replace limbs with cybernetic replacements. Although some do this for cosmetic or augmentation reasons, cybernetics isn’t as widespread in certain areas of the galaxy as others, mostly just being used to replace lost limbs. As for organ replacement, eyes are about the only thing replaced by cybernetics these days, as organ replacement is much easier done due to the rise of vat-grown organs derived from technology original used in the creation of Bioroids.

    As for organic beings replacing most of their bodies with cybernetics, again, rarely ever happens these days, but is not an uncommon sight. Regardless of how much of one’s body is replaced by cybernetics, they still maintain their original citizenship, and are not treated any differently, at least in a legal sense. And as for having a brain transferred into a full mechanical body, or making an AI copy of someone’s memories, this is illegal, due to many ethical reasons that rise from it. Although it is said someone has found a way to transfer a soul into a mechanical body, but since there is no confirmation of this method, it’s still unknown if such a method would fall under copying someone’s memories as an AI.

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