Activision patents subliminal advertising in games.

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Outside contributer, not comunuty member.
Jun 1, 2009
Yeah, this is shady as fuck.

Here's the rundown. The patent is for a way for them to try and promote micro-transactions and loot boxes via data collection in your games, then alter matchmaking to pair you with players who have the gear you're looking for to promote you buying it, and even alter it again after you buy it to make the purchased weapon or whatnot you got more effective to make your purchase of said item seem like a worthwhile purchase.

In other words, this is subliminal advertising, making you try and buy things in game. This is kind of skirting advertising laws in general, as subliminal messages for advertising is prohibited in the US, but being this is something inside a video game, it may just go under the radar.

And since it seems more and more companies are going away from single player games in general to multiplayer games filled with loot boxes and micro-transactions, who isn't to say such systems similar to this aren't already in play.

And people wonder why tabletop games are starting to gain more ground in recent years...