2017 Halloween Cameo Crossover needs your help

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Katbox Forum Member
Aug 16, 2016
Attention comic authors: the 2017 Halloween Cameo Caper needs your help. Hogan, who has been running this for the last 10 years, is feeling overworked, underpaid, and ready to retire.

What you can do: pay a visit this October to the town of Shelterville. You can make it a quick visit, or you can coordinate some activities with other authors. You can come fully armed, or you can leave your canon behind. Show up on the 31st for a party.

Long-term: we need someone that is willing to take over running the Cameo Capers in future years. Hogan has said he is willing to train you, and help you out, but his own personal life has reached the point that he can no longer run it on his own.

What is Shelterville: a wild West style town that has become a major crossover point for web comics. Common means of entry include:
• the Semi Mythical Otherworldly Gate corporation (S.M.O.G.) (http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/The_KAMics/4855678/ and many more that follow)
• A starport
• A train that runs across comic boundaries
• And magical teleportation effects.

(Uncommon methods could be anything. Heck, even the dead have been known to show up.) (1)

When visiting, please do not annoy Sheriff Hank. He likes his town orderly. Be sure to enjoy coffee at Summerbucks (good coffee, not addicting no matter what people say), run by mob boss business woman Summer Fiveclaw of the Fiveclaw dragon clan. Do remember that while she might be considered a mob boss elsewhere, she and her ... "enforcers" / workers are just normal law-abiding business people here.

For more information:
• Information about Shelterville: http://dragoneers.com/shelterville/index.html and http://www.dragoneers.com/halloween2006/index.html
• Forum hub for the past capers, a place to co-ordinate with other authors, and massive database tracking comic crossovers: http://www.dragoneers.com/forum/

(And no, I did not misspell "canon" back there

(1): A necromancer lived there for a while; there may still be a portal to Hades/The Underworld. Or there might be some other reason for the zombies a few years back.