Comic #1871: It's natural.

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Katbox Forum Member
Dec 8, 2010
You know, I know this time is great for Biggs to start to blackmail Jyrras. But it also is a great moment for Jyrras to go into lecture mode and start talking about how life and magic related to one another in Furrae. Next page should be interesting. Though I'm also suspicious this might be Destania posing as Biggs again. So it makes me wonder if their reaction to Deebs is genuine for either in this kind of scenario?

Thinking aboout magic and life again in Furrae, I always find myself wondering if all Beings and most Creatures in Furrae had one common ancestor in the past and magic caused the branches of difference between the Creatures and Beings? Possibly Magic would even Branch between Creatures with non sapient and no common ancestor, and ape traits from the other races and evolve them up closer to the other species on Furrae, and vice versa in reverse?

Evolution on Furrae must be wild with magic involved.


Katbox Forum Member
Apr 27, 2007
Oologah, OK
Heh, couldn't have one come out without the other it seems! Can't blame her for being curious about Biggs and who knows, it might actually be that shade of pink naturally! XD

Even though I suggested the possibility last comic I am a little mixed as to whether or not Biggs will use blackmail here or not. I think he would rather have Jy's help willingly rather than forced as that would produce better results long term. Timeframe might be an important issue to this question: just how soon is Biggs wanting to move against the dragons? Another question is if Jy will be able to produce the weapons, let alone enough of them in time, without being found out considering he is a very public figure right now. He doesn't do all his work alone either, one leak from one of his subordinates, intentional or not, could jeopardize the whole project. To touch upon modern times a bit, leaks have become a real problem in business and politics and protecting against them has been a real headache in recent years. If Jyras is going to do this he better think ahead and institute some of the tightest protocols he can to keep word of what he's doing from getting out.