Comic #1842: City of cardboard.

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Katbox Forum Member
Dec 8, 2010
Really changes the perspective of that situation went from the time she was on the run from Dan and talking about how this all played out. Maybe Regina has been lying to herself this whole time to make herself believe she did everything right and didn't royally screw up her first victim of her first rampage kill.

Though her boss response is interesting too. I can only imagine what the second one did to get the ax while she let the first go free. But seeing it's something she doesn't regret and happily remembers, it must have been something bad.
Likes: Belvarius


Katbox Forum Member
Apr 27, 2007
Oologah, OK
Interesting how her first kill is one she never intended to make. I do wonder if Wildy and Biggs (Brittany during this flashback) came in right after and tried to take on Regina. They obviously survived if that did happen but I've a suspicion that if that fight did happen how it played out was just as much a role in how Brittany became Biggs as the death of their mother.

One other stray thought: it's pretty certain Pif'lak is going to receive a report on both sides of this recounting of what happened. So what happens if Biggs receives a copy of that report? I wouldn't call it unlikely given his connections and information network. I doubt it would sway him from wanting to kill Regina but I would like to see how he reacts to the information, even if it's just complete indifference.
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