Comic #1829: A slight hiccup.

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 27, 2007
Oologah, OK
Whoa, so they're only now just learning about Abel eh?! Well that confirms that the party occurred very soon after the attack so maybe word hadn't had chance to spread yet, especially if Kria was deliberately keeping news quiet about the attack. Now the question is: what is Quoar's interest in Abel, other than the similar wings?


Gallery Volunteer
Feb 29, 2012
Well technically that much was given to us beforehand when the doctor was giving Priss the damage report. What we were given as a timeframe there was less than a night to restore his eyes, but that the wings were not an overnight process and that Abel would be kept in an induced coma for a few days to lessen the shock. While the required time for psychological recovery and/or post-surgery recovery is uncertain, the stated timeframe suggested days to weeks until hospital release instead of months to years.