Comic #1822: Overshadowing.

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 27, 2007
Oologah, OK
So, it's looking like Regina was one of the first creatures Dan tried to redeem and given what we know eventually happened it went horribly wrong. That could explain part of why he's so bitter about her, not only did Regina kill people important to him it also was likely the first major defeat of one of his life goals.


Gallery Volunteer
Feb 29, 2012
*blink* *archive dive*

...Huh, I'd thought that Dan hadn't known that his mom was a succubus, but I don't think he ever actually denies that, just that he forgot that she used to go by Destania, and Alexsi rather explicitly knew. I suppose that gives a bit more nuance to his "no, I'm not angel-blooded" moment and his bleak opinion on Cubi in general. He didn't just assume that Cubi were evil like so many adventurers seem to, he was [presumably] raised with the belief that his mother had been redeemed from her kind's natural dark-side.