Comic #1782: He loses most scry crystals that way.

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 27, 2007
Oologah, OK
Huh, got one thing at least partly right with that bit of fan fiction. It's good to see Mab putting Hizell in his place, essentially warning him not to try this again, at least at the inn anyways.
[doublepost=1504532334,1504519861][/doublepost]Just for fun let's try interpreting what Pip was saying in today's comic.

"Little hard on him weren't you?"

"He was pushing his luck wasn't he?" "Can't fault him for trying though."
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Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
HA! I absolutely adore the Mab's polarizing personality when it comes to the various degrees of seriousness and joy she expresses.


Katbox Forum Member
Apr 27, 2007
Oologah, OK
So looking at the DMFA forum over at the clockwork mansion when I read this post by Killpurakat:

"So... it just occurred to me that this was probably the entire purpose of Abel going to Lost Lake to prevent everyone there from dying. (Apologies if someone else brought this up already.)

Recall that Abel originally was persuaded to go because Falina told him that if he didn't, then within 2 months, everyone at Lost Lake would be dead.

I thought (and I think many others did too), that his prevention of the adventurers from killing Alexsi in turn prevented a bunch of deaths, even if it did draw Hizell's eyes to the inn via Destania pointed Hizell at Abel. Although, to be fair, the adventurers were there BECAUSE of Abel. So him being there really didn't prevent any bad things happening because of that.

But... Hizell would probably have been interested in the inn ANYWAY because his [not] son is there. And possibly doubly interested because people associated with Destania are there, and Dan may have been there too if Abel hadn't been around to promise to watch Alexsi for him while he went off to SAIA (and with Dan being Destania's son... well, THAT'S a damned good reason to nuke a place). So, it may have been likely the inn would have attracted his interest, and wrath, no matter what. And likely more quickly than otherwise since Pyroduck is STAYING there permanently to be with Alexsi at the moment.

Enter Abel's influence. Not only does the inn get said attention a bit earlier (which is possibly bad), but BECAUSE OF HIS BIRTHDAY it gets Fae protection (which is GREAT). Mab was out trying to get cake for Abel, and if she hadn't done that and been gone, then she wouldn't have felt the need to offer protection for it upon returning, and when Hizell DID notice the inn and who in it he might want eradicated forever (I honestly think blowing up a kid of his that has different values than him would be a win in his books), Mab might have been nowhere and Hizell might have decided, "Damn the repercussions," and just done it, killing everyone at Lost Lake (and maybe a chunk of the surrounding area).

So, Abel caused the adventurers and misunderstandings and has nearly gotten himself killed, BUT he could have moved up the timetables of when Hizell would notice the inn and decide to do something about it, AND gotten it Fae protection so that Hizell couldn't just kill everyone there."

Gotta say that's a nice bit of analysis! It really feels like this may be what Fa'lina foresaw if Abel didn't go to Lost Lake with Dan to try and help teach him about being a Cubi. Given what Hizell had done to Fa'lina in the past I can't help but wonder if she might have been a bit personally motivated to thwart him and his plans. It would mean that she knew she was placing Abel in grave danger but maybe she also saw that he survived in most of the possibilities and felt the payoff was worth the risk: the inn and it's inhabitants now enjoy a significant degree of protection that wasn't there before and as we recently saw Mab won't hesitate to swiftly END a threat should she have to step in and handle things herself. Outside of the inn they may still be fair game but inside of it Hizell now knows he doesn't dare push his luck because if he does he may share his scrying crsytal's fate or experience something even worse!