Comic #1459: Amber takes taco questions the most serious.

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Jasae Bushae

Silly lovestruck nutter
Sep 24, 2013
Byako City
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Plushies are fun~! ^.^
Her comic commentary must be included in this because it is GOLDEN

Really I find both have their pros and cons, and tend to fall into the whimsy of what I feel like at the moment. Sometimes I just want to have that visceral crunch of a hard taco shell, where as the soft shell tends to have a slight edge on practicality and mess containment. Then again I always go by the mindset that if someone is concerned about messiness, then taco consumption may not be the task to undertake.

Truly I think the more important question is what kind of toppings. I’m personally partial to the corn tortillas if I am going soft shell. I also have a slight vendetta against iceburg lettuce and consider it an abomination of leafy green. Seriously, just about any other green leafy vegetable I think is a step up. Obviously shredded cheese is a must, and I like sour cream. Salsa for me is an optional aspect, same with diced tomatoes. I will not turn them away, but if they are missing I will not consider it a no-go for tacos.

That said, I personally do enjoy trying different styles and types of tacos. I’m always a fan when folks send in taco recipes of any spectrum and variety. Chicken, shrimp, veggie, home recipes, what have you.
Personally, my favorite variety of taco consists of
Shell: Soft (i have the sort of bad luck where whenever i take a single bite out of a hard shell, the entire thing crumbles into itty bitty tiny pieces and falls apart in my hands) Whole Wheat tortilla
Meat: Salmon, Cow and Moose
Topping: Swiss cheese, Sharp cheddar cheese, Pepperjack cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Guacamole, sour cream, Garlic pepper and brown rice.
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Prime Minister of Fun!
Jul 7, 2010
I keep kosher so either we use fake meat (Morningstar grillers yo) or I make the taco's more awesome cousin, the fajita!

Skirt steak rubbed with chipotle pepper, a little salt, sugar, black pepper and a dash of cumin
Guacamole (which I'm making for the super bowl) with serranos, red onion, scallions, salt, pepper and lime juice
Grill Roasted red peppers
Grill Roasted Yellow and Red Onions

wrapped in a flour tortilla

Annnnnddd now I'm drooling.


Katbox Forum Member
Dec 25, 2013
Parts Unknown
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don't be limit yourself to imagination , explore the unknown
Are we really so jaded that we can casually toss aside discussion of organ harvesting , and egotistical , formless abominations for tacos .


Gallery Volunteer
Feb 29, 2012
Are we really so jaded that we can casually toss aside discussion of organ harvesting , and egotistical , formless abominations for tacos .
Sir I am insulted by that insinuation! Jaded? I'll have you know that I fancy myself opaled! >_>


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
#10 one should ever mess with the tacos, for they are awesome.