Comic #1458: Abel is kind of a rules gladiator

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Katbox Forum Member
Apr 21, 2007
New Jersey
UNLESS the trap was Contact Poison smeared on a chest! Or if it was a poison gas! Or if it was Posion Darts in which case it would be resolved with an attack roll from the trap and a fortitude save if it hit.


Katbox Forum Member
Apr 27, 2007
Oologah, OK
Hmmm, double agent... wonder how Kria will react to this? Also, what does Biggs want from Jyrras? Maybe access to those nonmagic materials he's been creating? I've long suspected that those materials could be a way to cheaply bypass a lot of magical defenses. If their world has the equivalent of the .50BMG round then a bullet made out of such materials could be an effective way to take out large powerful creatures such as a dragon.


Katbox Forum Member
Dec 8, 2010
Actually I'm not really as surprised about Chazore being a double agent as Biggs having such an agent currently in such a position of being close to Abel and Jyrras.

Now I'm not sure if phase three has anything to do with Jyrras or if what follows after will include him, but one can't deny that if she means him harm then Jyrras's protection from Kria just shrunk considerably if she does pose a threat.

Of course Jyrras poses as lot's of potential things. A supplier of future weapons. A great diplomatic distraction with the two life forms he created and other things in his labs. His mom alone could bring all sorts of problems if she started bringing people to court. Talk about a potential powder keg situation. Heck, powder keg? More like the entire storage facility surplus of powder kegs.

Jasae Bushae

Silly lovestruck nutter
Sep 24, 2013
Byako City
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Plushies are fun~! ^.^
If he has an agent that close, im left wondering how Regina has lasted this long unharmed....
Ooooh~ I wonder if he knows about Wildly basically putting her life on the line for the sake of clearing Abels name~! I bet it would be interesting for him to find THAT out. Especially with miss Petty Petterson trying to kill him.


No. 1 Fun Guy
Apr 17, 2011
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Too much TMI...Too much TMI!!!
Hm...with so much going on with all the fractions involved, I can't help but feel that someone's plan is going to cancel or hinder someone else's plan.