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  1. GearGades

    A.I.C.O. -Incarnation (For Netflix)

    A new Anime joins Netflix coming from Bones, the Studio that animates My Hero Academia and Psalms of Planets EUREKA SEVEN, and directed by Kazuya Murata, director of “Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet” and “Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos
  2. GearGades

    New Devilman anime coming out 2018 ... On Netflix

    Sweet mother of Go Nagai. Devilman joins Netflix!!! Netflix is making serious Gangbusters by itself when it bring one of Go Nagai's top Manga on board (if not the fan favorite). Add that and you got MST3K and Voltron. How long before they open themselves for Youtubers to stream content on...
  3. GearGades

    Mazinger Z movie

    Toei Animation has confirm in a press release that the long running Manga/Anime Franchise Mazinger Z will be getting a feature length film. Toei Animation is producing the project, and Toei will distribute the film to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of the Franchise. . Created by Go Nagai...
  4. Desert Fox

    Art Commissions Are Available!

    How's it going everybody? Guess what? As of now, I'll be doing monthly commissions as rewards through! For the time being I'll only be doing a few per month, but they're available to anyone who wants them! For $20 you can get a full bodied inked version of any OC of your choice. The...
  5. Desert Fox

    Art Mihari Speed Art

    Hey guys :3 Just wanted to throw this out there for everyone to see. In honor of the world's awesomest cheetah :mihari: I also have a video on youtube of me drawing this image in time lapse, so if you guys want to check it out, don't be shy.