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    1. Broke The Curse!

      You achieved the impossible by breaking the 4th artist curse! Go you!

  2. Patreon

    Achievements awarded for supporting various Katbox Staff

    1. Patron of the Katbox

      You've supported the Katbox on Patron! Thanks!

    2. Patron of the Farm

      You've supported the comic "Las Lindas" on Patreon! Thanks!

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      You've supported the comic "The Eye of Ramalach" on Patreon! Thanks!

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      You've supported the comic "UberQuest" on Patreon! Thanks!

    10. Patron of the World

      You've supported the comic "Our World" on Patreon! Thanks!

  3. Forum Events

    Achievements earned through various forum based events or activities.

    1. 2015 UCB Winner

      Owner of the character who won the 2015 Ultimate Character Battle!